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can a different tire size work ok?

The Mitsu dealer here in Halifax NS sold me 185/55R 15 instead of the specified 175/60R/ 15.
Is this acceptable? Will it make a difference in the handling or behaviour of the car?

Thanks for any info on this!

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Re: can a different tire size work ok?

The key numbers so compare are the overall diameter and especially the overall circumference of each tire. The 185/55 is just 1.3% smaller for both measurements than the 175/60, that results in the revolutions per mile going from 867 for the 175 to 877 for the 185. That's pretty close and I don't predict you'll have a problem, so long as your front tires remain the same as stock. The overall ratio, difference front to rear is very important

That said, if you're going from the true Dunlop LRR tires to any other tire which isn't rated LRR (Low Rolling Resistance) you will likely take a hit in the car's overall range. I would guess with just changing the rear pair to non LRR that loss will be around 5%

If the $$$ is enough of a savings for you and more important than the range, I'd say give it a shot and see what happens
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