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Used 2012 I-miev remote climate control

Last year our 2012 I-miev went to auction. I just found the remote climate control. I remember the dealer said don't lose it because it will cost a small fortune to replace it. Something like $900. Is there anyone who can use this and wants to make an offer or can tell me what it is worth so I can list it on EBay.
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Re: Used 2012 I-miev remote climate control

Several years ago I remember hearing that a replacement remote was in the neighborhood of $900-$1000 dollars. Since the car has been an orphan in North America since the 2017 model year, getting a new one from Mitsubishi might be difficult. Likely not Impossible since the car is still sold in Europe and Japan. So you can get whatever the market will bear. Keep in mind its a very limited market. Not many of these were sold in North America....less than 5000 in 4 model years (2012, 2014, 2016, 2017) the majority being 2012's. Many of these have been wrecked and scrapped. Most potential buyers will be buyers of used i-mievs where the remote was not passed on to the 2nd owner. Of those many may not care, or even be aware of the missing remote. Many others may simply not be interested in the extra cost in acquiring one, since a 2nd hand i-miev is a budget car anyway. As an example I have sold two of the three i-mievs that I had. One didn't have a remote and I explained to the buyer what the remote was for. He said he didn't care about the remote. I sold the other with the remote, and that buyer didn't seem to care either. If I had to venture a guess I'd say there are likely 20 or less people in North America that would want it. Of those I'd say they would be interested only if the remote could be had at a budget price just like the car they purchased. If I had one to sell I'd try to sell it for $400-$500, but i'd probably take less. Those are my thoughts, but of course, get what you need to get out of it.
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Re: Used 2012 I-miev remote climate control

I have 2 or 3 of them laying around here . . . . somewhere. I played with the one that came in our new 2012 a few times just to see what it would and wouldnt do. Haven't picked one up in at least 6 or 7 years - Your experience is probably similar, or you would have known where it was when you sold the car :lol:

What's it worth? Whatever someone is willing to pay. If you find someone who doesn't have one and really wants one, maybe a couple hundred. Time will tell

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Re: Used 2012 I-miev remote climate control

Since Koorz didn't come with one (purchased used), I might be interested in it. What condition is the remote in?
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Re: Used 2012 I-miev remote climate control

I do not even how if my car would support it.

I have never heard of that feature in the models sold in Denmark.

I would only buy the remote off you, if I could test it first before payment.
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Re: Used 2012 I-miev remote climate control

Hi Folks,

We bought our 2014 used and it was supposed to have the remote but did not.
It can get pretty cold here in the North Carolina mountains.
I've been putting a little electric heater in the car to warm it up but it would be nice to use the car's preheat function.
Anybody want to part with a remote for $100?

Thanks and good health, Weogo
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Re: Used 2012 I-miev remote climate control

I tend to think a 120v electric heater would be more efficient than the car's preheating system with a remote but the remote would be nice to try. I'd be willing to take my chances on a used one for $100.
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Re: Used 2012 I-miev remote climate control

The Remote allows you to preheat the entire i-MiEV heating system, and the defroster setting really heats up the entire car nicely in addition to clearing the windows. Don't forget to turn on the seat heater switch beforehand, as that also turns on when using the Remote and provides a nice warm welcoming cabin on cold mornings.
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