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JDM i-MiEV Inlet Port Configuration

Thanks JoeS, that is a consideration, as to if the JDM display is switchable.
I also wanted to know if anyone knows the voltage range for input to the domestic onboard charger?
We have 240 volts here, Japan 100, and you guys 110/120.
The difference for you is nominal, but here it is over double.
I can't see why it wouldn't accept a range of input voltages, as we have the iMiev, and also the rebadged Peugeot iOn and Citroen C-Zero.
I have a transformer, which I use for some tools I bought from the US, and the public DC chargers will be compatible, but the home charger is the one I would like to know more about.
Or should the charger questions be on a seperate thread?
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JDM i-MiEV Inlet Port Configuration

tout, as you see I created a new thread for this topic.

In the US, for home use, we have split-phase 240vac which yields two separate 120vac circuits in a house in addition to 240vac. The North American i-MiEV version ac inlet port uses the J1772 standard, which can utilize either 120vac or 240vac.

The i-MiEV onboard charger (OBC) can accept any voltage from 100vac up to about 254vac(?), 50Hz/60Hz. The car draws up to about 14A at the higher voltage levels, but only 12A at 120vac.

So, the question on the table is what is the configuration of the ac charging port on the JDM i-MiEV?

I *think* it is J1772 (2009), but this needs to be confirmed.

You might peruse the Australian EV forum to see if there are any JDM i-MiEV imports there and how they dealt with it. https://www.aeva.asn.au

Many i-MiEVs are also equipped with CHAdeMO for direct DC fast charging. If you are going to the trouble of importing a JDM i-MiEV to the UK, I would strongly suggest that you ensure it also contains the CHAdeMO port. Careful, as all i-MiEVs have a port door on both the left and right side of the car - this does NOT mean that there is a connector behind that flap! IMO, having a dc fast charging capability is a game-changer for our limited-range i-MiEV as it allows for practical longer-distance driving.

Warning: When you get the car, you need to ensure that whatever you plug into the car is fully compatible - we have a recent thread on this forum whereby someone imported a JDM i-MiEV sibling into Russia and promptly blew up the OBC by improperly powering it up!
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