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Re: Who says the i-miev is cheap to operate?

Luddite wrote:
Is it only the US models with the two front wiper blades?
All the clones and EU models seem to have only one... another win for keeping costs down :)
Yup, only the North American wider variant ones have 2 wipers.
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Re: Who says the i-miev is cheap to operate?

I am relieved that I will only have to pay about $850 cdn plus tax, of the $5600 bill tomorrow to replace the onboard charger. Car is off warranty and Mitsubishi is footing the rest. The other I-Miev at the dealership with the identical problem is still on warranty. I hope the rest of your Imiev's don't come down with this affliction.
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Re: Who says the i-miev is cheap to operate?

Antaris, glad to see that Mitsubishi picked up the bulk of the tab. Sure hope they correctly identified the culprit.

This thread is more about median operating cost and maintenance, and is somewhat tongue-in-cheek.

Overall, the i-MiEV failure rate still seems quite low; unfortunately, just about any subassembly failure results in a heart-stopping pocket-emptying i-MiEV-abandoning prospect - we've talked about this here: Major EV Drive Components Replacement & Costs
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Re: Who says the i-miev is cheap to operate?

First scheduled maintenance completed on one car.

Transmission service - fluid change $118.00 plus tax at the dealer.

In my garage - $12.88 for the real McCoy Mitsu fluid. Took 1/2 hour including pics and a PDF for the records (just in case).

Super easy for anyone who can turn a wrench IMO. Didn't need a lift - easy to reach.

So $118.00 + $8.26 (tax) = $126.26 at the dealer

at 1/2 hour for the job (including documentation) that’s a savings of $113.38 or 226.76 per hour. But wait, I didn’t have to make money that I don’t spend so . . . no income tax either! So $314.94 per hour before income taxes.

The down side is that I had to wash my hands three times. :roll:

The up side is that the other car gets the same service next weekend :D

it takes longer to drive to and from the dealer than to do the service myself. Not to mention the hour waiting there!

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