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Re: Comparative Energy Efficiency

I know we all have our own driving circumstances that fit our own needs. Speaking for myself I could certainly use a good highway range of 100-120 miles. From where I live today there are quite a few places that I drive several times a year in the local area that are 60-70 miles in distance one way. My circumstances are quite different than a lot of people and most days my vehicles sit in my driveway and don't move. Usually on the weekend is when I run to do my shopping, errands, and maybe a little wandering around for some fun. My vehicles sit all week and only get used on the weekends, but when I use them they do get used and depending on what I am doing could push the limits of a short range EV pretty easily. The ability to round trip those longer trips in the local area and have most of it be highway miles would be awesome to have a real usable distance and capability to drive similar to what we do with an ICEV. Again each persons needs and use is different.

It sounds like the Ioniq would be able to do that and that would be a pretty substantial improvement. I am still not convinced that it is a true 120 miles under "normal" driving conditions, but it appears to be better at it than most of the EV's on the road at the moment if the info we can see online is true.

Other factors that come to mind is the fact that EV winter range is dramatically less than that wonderful summer range so if that car is rated for 120 miles during the summer it is likely to be a 60-80 mile car in the winter. Of course all of that also assumes that the batteries are in good shape to begin with and have not degraded in performance over time. Wouldn't it be great of the car you bought today would still perform the same way in 10 years? We know from what we can see with the current generation of batteries that they won't have anywhere near the capacity they had when new and the cars were rated for 62 miles range or 74 miles range. What will the range be for an i-Miev that is 10 years old? An Ioniq that is 10 years old? A Bolt or Tesla that is 10 years old?

Having a car that starts out new with more capacity than I will use on a daily basis during the summer translates to a car that is about what I need in the winter. And if I want to factor in battery loss over time so that the car has a good useful life for the time frame I hope to own and use it then I certainly would want to anticipate some battery loss so that the vehicle will continue to meet my needs for the time frame I hope to own an use it. A car rated today for 100 miles when new really isn't a lot of range if you consider what it may be capable of in 5 or 10 years. Would that same car still be meeting your needs then? Those are the questions that everyone has to ask for their own driving circumstances.

Of course for the average person "enough" is never enough so we will have to see if the message can be driven home that a car with this kind of range will meet most peoples needs. I have my doubts. I can already hear people saying the range of the Bolt isn't enough. All I can do is shake my head and try to properly size up my own "wants" and measure them adequately against my "needs" and hope that I can keep my focus on practical real use and not wizbang stuff that really is useless for my own needs. About 3/4th of the "stuff" on these new cars is useless to me, but range? Now that is useful :)

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