Indy 500 in a Mitsubishi i MiEV

In an attempt to show the viability of electric vehicles, 5 time Indy 500 competitor Roger Yasukawa took to the track at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. A second Mitsubishi i was driven by Johnny Miller, and the course was completed in 12 hours.

First Mitsubishi iMiEV delivered in Canada

On December 22nd, the first day of winter, Mitsubishi Motors Canada handed over the keys to a Winnipeg man – the first Mitsubishi iMiEV to be delivered to a customer in Canada.

Main electric vehicle concern is range, and cold weather affects it

Market surveys and test have consistently shown that the main consumer concern about electric vehicles is their range. Since heat from electricity is fairly inefficient, warming an electric vehicle can greatly affect an electric vehicles range – that’s why Mitsubishi is running a large trial of the Mitsubishi i-Miev in snowy cold Eastern Canada.

Mitsubishi Canada releases list of Mitsubishi iMiev Dealers

Mitsubishi Motors Canada sent out an email this morning announcing the ‘first wave’ of Mitsubishi i-Miev dealers in Canada. “We’re pleased to announce the Canadian Mitsubishi dealerships that will initially offer the i-Miev, our revolutionary zero-emissions electric car.” Apparently the dealers listed have Mitsubishi i-Miev specialists that are excited to talk about the i-Miev and Mitsubishi Canada releases list of Mitsubishi iMiev Dealers

First Mitsubishi iMiev delivered to customer

Or, more correctly, the first Mitsubishi i in the US has been delivered to a retail customer – which is an interesting slip-up, considering that is the wording coming straight from Mitsubishi!

Mitsubishi i Woody

It was only a matter of time before an electric vehicle manufacturer made some attempt at a throwback in time – Mitsubishi did it at the Los Angeles auto show a few weeks ago.

Mitsubishi sets lofty goals for the i-Miev and Minicab Miev

As previously mentioned, Mitsubishi Motors has come to an agreement with Suzuki that will see their Minicab MiEV van being sold under the Suzuki name as early as February 2012. Mitsubishi made the partnership in order to help lower overall costs on the i-Miev and Minicab MiEV due to economies of scale.