Mitsubishi working on half of it’s vehicle sales being electric vehicles

Mitsubishi mentioned earlier this year that it plans on having half of all of its vehicle sales be electric vehicles by the year 2020 – so it would make sense that Nissan plans on rolling out more electric vehicles.

Mitsubishi is planning to roll out a small electric pickup truck, which would be Mitsubishi’s third electric vehicle in addition to the Mitsubishi MiniCab-MiEV, and the Mitsubishi iMiEV also known as the Mitsubishi I in the USA.

The small electric pickup will be able to charge from a standard electrical outlet, and will be targeted at farmers, contractors, and others who use a small pickup truck for their jobs. The cost will be somewhere around the $20000 mark (using current exchange rates from 1.5 million Yen).

Mitsubishi has also stated they are making plans for a plug-in version of the Mitsubishi Outlander as well as an electric vehicle based on the Mitsubishi Evolution concept.

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2 Responses to Mitsubishi working on half of it’s vehicle sales being electric vehicles

  1. Dan O'Neal says:

    That would be great! Especially if they would build some of the Models here in Normal, Illinois. Dan O

  2. cyberpine says:

    This is s a very ambitious goal. If these new pickup trucks have a radius of at least 40miles on a 6 hour charge then they will be a real market changer at $20k. Another obsticle is taking battery replacement fear out of the puchase by offering a 10 year powertrain warrantee and a cheap battery replacement plan where you can replace that battery for less than $3k when it dies.

    Kudos to Mitsubishi for taking such a strong initiative. Really looking forward to seeing what they come up with.

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