Mitsubishi sets lofty goals for the i-Miev and Minicab Miev

As previously mentioned, Mitsubishi Motors has come to an agreement with Suzuki that will see their Minicab MiEV van being sold under the Suzuki name as early as February 2012. Mitsubishi made the partnership in order to help lower overall costs on the i-Miev and Minicab MiEV due to economies of scale.

Mitsubishi Minicab MiEVOn Friday, Mitsubishi Motors celebrated the start of mass production of their light commercial electric vehicle at its plant in Japan. Mitsubishi says they have already received orders for 1300 of the Minicab MiEV which will be sold starting December 8th. Mitsubishi hopes to sell 4000 of the Minicab MiEV by the end of March. In the 12 month period following that, starting in April 2012, Mitsubishi aims to sell 50,000 electric vehicles including the Mitsubishi i-Miev, the Minicab MiEV and versions of both built under OEM deals.

Mitsubishi is pricing the Minicab MiEV 770,000 yen higher than the gasoline version of the Minicab. You don’t need to know what a yen is worth to get the importance of this: it will take approximately 6 years for someone to see any savings from purchasing the Minicab MiEV over the Minicab ICE. We think that’s too long to start convincing anyone but the EV enthusiasts to buy and drive the Minicab MiEV.

Mitsubishi has sold about 17,000 electric vehicles world wide so far – that includes those supplied under the Peugeot Citroen’s brands, since the launch of the Mitsubishi i-Miev in Japan in mid 2009.

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