Mitsubishi i Woody

It was only a matter of time before an electric vehicle manufacturer made some attempt at a throwback in time – Mitsubishi did it at the Los Angeles auto show a few weeks ago.

Yes, the US spec Mitsubishi i is larger than the global Mitsubishi i-Miev, a few inches wider, a little longer, and a bit roomier inside, but it hardly compares to the wood paneled station wagons of days gone by. The Mitsubishi i woody surf model probably isn’t practical for most people, because they don’t live within 100 miles of surfable waves – and if they do, there’s probably no charging stations installed on the beach.

We do like the wood panels better than the Hello Kitty wraps though!
Mitsubishi i Hello Kitty vehicle wraps

Mitsubishi i Woody

Mitsubishi i with Wood Paneling

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