Mitsubishi sales on the rise, Mitsubishi i Tour in progress

Although not specifically related to the upcoming release of the Mitsubishi i electric vehicle in the US, it’s still interesting news.

Mitsubishi vehicles have been selling at an increasingly fast pace – the surge of sales began in September of 2010 and has continued for thirteen months. Mitsubishi’s sale increase is outpacing the overall US auto industry sales growth.

Mitsubishi’s Year-to-date sales are 59% higher than the equivalent period in 2010. Although some feel that Mitsubishi is leaving their rally car, super SUV roots and going to a powder puff ball environmentally friendly version of it’s earlier self, clearly those feelings are a minority.

Mitsubishi Motors North America President and CEO Yoichi Yokozawa says the sales momentum should be enhanced when Mitsubishi launches a major advertising campaign later this month focusing on next month’s sales launch of the all-electric Mitsubishi i (called the Mitsubishi i-Miev in other countries).

Last month in Portland Mitsubishi Motors kicked off a seven week Mitsubishi i 100% Electric Experience test drive your of Oregon, Washington, and California. The tour targets electric vehicle shoppers ahead of the Mitsubishi i’s arrival in November at select dealerships.

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