Mitsubishi i Rollout Details

The first rollout of deliveries will happen in four states in early 2012 – California, Oregon, Washington and Hawaii.

All 400 Mitsubishi dealers nationwide will get ads for their showrooms to highlight the differences between gas and electric vehicles in the third quarter of 2011. About 75 percent of the roughly 40 Mitsubishi dealers in the rollout states will be Mitsubishi i certified (with more to come).

Besides the information sent to everyone, certified dealers will get three vehicle chargers, a drop-down i sign and an Apple iPad loaded with Mitsubishi i information.

By the end of November or early December of this year, all certified dealers will also get two Mitsubishi i vehicles, one for display and one for demo drives. The Mitsubishi i will be available nationwide by the end of 2012.

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