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Marketing the USED I-MIEV

Sat Sep 08, 2018 12:14 pm

Ok Listers who are the customers for a used imiev?? How do you market one to get more than the 5 to 8 grand seen on this list. I am in Canada and in an area where they were not readily available and not sold. I had to import mine in from the USA as a new car with the tax credits previously stripped by enterprising US dealers.

Do I advertise to Collectors, Greenies, or Techies? or cheapskates like me. We bought an electric car because my wife was tired of maintenance bills, and gas bills. 4 and half years later she is retired and no longer doing the commuter grind each day and wants something with greater freedom of range. The car was an SE with all the options including the GPS, and high voltage DC charge port. We even have a set of spare winter wheels and tires. With 22000 miles it is low mileage and one driver car with no accidents or battle damage that lived in a garage at home and a parkade at work. There is nothing wrong with the car, it simply does not fit the mission profile in our house any longer. We worked through a series of hybrids and plugin hybrids to get to Mitzi, now she is no longer a useful engine in the fleet. The electric car infrastructure in our province in no more advanced today than it was 5 years ago. The only difference is I can charge at a few more dealers. Our government put no money into the charging system and there is almost no private enterprise charging out there to say, hang out the charging system will get better. We basically have charged at home each and twice at a Mitsu dealer. A friend has a public charging site, we use occasionally just to make sure it does not disappear altogether.

What have people done to successfully get more than scrap value? It seems the depreciation or devaluation on a 2012 imiev is worse than for an old chev Aveo or Sonic. Where is the best place to go for max dollars back or are you just turning them at dealers?? These cars went for almost 40 grand Canadian. Dealers here have no idea what the car is worth new or wholesale because they just were not sold in any kind of quantity.

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Re: Marketing the USED I-MIEV

Sat Sep 08, 2018 2:03 pm

I do agree they didn't hold their value well - We paid US $30K for our first one in May of 2012, an SE but with none of the options your car has and then 2 years later, we bought a fully loaded, like new SE Premium like yours for $8,700 when it came off lease . . . . and it only had 3,900 miles on it - An essentially brand new car just 2 years old for about 1/4th of the original sticker price

Selling a nice one for $5K these days isn't easy - Harder yet if it's a northern car which may have some rust from being driven in the winter. Harder yet if you don't have a nearby dealer for service. I think to get $7,500 you'd need to be really lucky finding a local buyer who really wants one and knows what it might cost to have one shipped in from afar. Getting more than $7.500 would take a miracle. Down here in the lower 48, many are advertising them for $5K and then selling them cheap to CarMax when they find no buyers

The way I look at it is they are worth more to me even if they didn't 'fit' into our needs that well any more - I'd keep it and use it where it does fit, even if it means owning 3 cars - This is coming from someone who currently owns 5

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Re: Marketing the USED I-MIEV

Sun Sep 09, 2018 1:52 pm

I've been looking at used I-miev vehicles for a few months and came across your post. I'm in Saskatoon and would be interested in coming to Rocky to purchase your I-miev if you are interested in selling it to me. It is definitely not my intention to exploit the situation. I'm just thinking I may fit that "local buyer" description that Don refers to.

Since no price has been mentioned and technically you've only stated an intention to sell the vehicle eventually this post could be considered off topic. We could continue this conversation through private message if you are interested.
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Re: Marketing the USED I-MIEV

Mon Sep 10, 2018 7:16 am

I'm in Red Deer. Recently bought my 12 with 30km on it out of Calgary. ES with QC but no Nav.

Paid $8k CAD down from an ask of $12,900

Black book in Canada is less than $6k CAD on a minty one. That being said, I felt I overpaid for the car. However I simply couldn't find any for sale on this side of the country and bought it anyway. At the end of the day I am happy with the car and would buy another, but it would need to be more like $5k CAD price.

The guy I bought mine from had it for sale for months and months.

Original owner paid $28k cad. Second owner paid $10k with 20,000km then sold to me for $8k with 30,000 km.

Lots out east, but they aren't really selling unless they are $7k or less. Again, some I see for sale have been listed for ~6 months or more.

So if you want to sell yours for $5k, I'll come and pick it up on the weekend ;)

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Re: Marketing the USED I-MIEV

Mon Sep 10, 2018 7:21 am

Oh, I will buy your 2nd set of wheels and tires though.

Then you can get some cash that may not add much value to the price of the car as a whole.

And swap out my steering wheel and radio for yours too.

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