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Re: Ah Rate And Full Charge

Wed May 02, 2018 1:35 pm

DBMandrake, there may well be some merit to your speculation as regards NEDC. For the US market, as a result of numerous consumer and government lawsuits, the carmakers have become quite gunshy.

I rarely fully charge so don't get to see full-charge RR often. Since my previous 15-miles can be anything from a continuous blast at, ahem, 81mph (keeping up with traffic, of course) to a sedate city-street leisurely jaunt, which means, coupled with my eyeballed timer stop-charge setting at around 12 bars, I really never know what to expect. It's only on long trips that I pay attention and compare my Garmin GPS DTG to the car's RR.

On our Maximum Range Remaining competition thread the record is presently at 108 miles, with old-time forum member malm believing that the display upper limit is 109 miles (175km). I believe that the high numbers there were on pre-2012 European models.

Off-topic, around here, the only way to see what can be achieved for a maximum RR is to take the i-MiEV up to Lake Tahoe and come back on Interstate 80 for the 60-mile run down from Donner Summit to Auburn, losing 6000' elevation in the process. :roll: :geek:
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