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Re: Not charging, no "plugged in" light on dashboard

Mon Feb 22, 2021 4:45 pm

(From first post) With Canion, I was able to connect and read the voltages of the battery cells (only 2 out of 16 bars left, high=3.765V, low 3.735V, avg 3.750V, 330V, SoC% 22.0, the main battery is approximately 70000km, the car is 172000km).

I will try to drive to the Chademo charger and see if it works. Then, I will swap the aux battery with my other miev and see if I can charge it with a level 1 or 2 charger.

The other customer has stopped all investigative work on his Miev. This week, he must decide if he sends it to scrap...

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Re: Not charging, no "plugged in" light on dashboard

Sun Feb 28, 2021 9:33 am

The dealer's best guess was that the BMU needs to be replaced before they can continue the tests. They are not sure what the problem is but their diagnostics stop at that component. The BMU price is from CAD$800 to CAD$1200 depending on models: for mine, it is CAD$1200. I was not ready to spend that money with any guarantees it would solve the problem so I did not authorize the repair. During the discussions, I asked if I could use a salvaged BMU from another car and the dealer was told by Mitsubishi technical staff in Toronto that a BMU could be reprogrammed.

I was able to recharge to 50% at a nearby ChadeMo charger and drive home.

At home, I re-tested with a level 2 charger: the "plugged in" light does not come on.

I connected the battery of my Honda Odyssey in parallel with the 12V battery: the main battery still would not charge.

With the L2 charger still connected, if I try to start the car, the car does not start but the "plugged in" light now blinks. Leaving the key in the ACC position, if I disconnect the L2 charger, the "plugged in" light turns off and blinks again if I reconnect the L2 charger.

They good news is that the car can charge with a level 3 charger...

I had the car towed to another dealer further away: they found that one wire of the main harness from the on-board charger was damaged and that the wire had verdigris corrosion. They repaired that wire and the car is now charging again! They are running a few more tests but it looks promising. They are charging me 90 minutes of shop time, no parts. Reasonable, considering they also ran the whole set of tests...

I could have found it myself if I had looked for something like that...

I will post more once I get the car back this week.

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Re: Not charging, no "plugged in" light on dashboard

Sun Feb 28, 2021 10:19 am

That is great news! We have never heard of this failure--Please find out exactly which wire had the corrosion issue if possible. There are 4 possible: an AC input harness, the control harness, the 12V output wire from the DC/DC to the auxillary battery, and the High Voltage DC wires from the OBC to the MCU that then runs to the HV battery pack.
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