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Re: ChargePoint Charging Question

Wed Oct 09, 2019 10:17 am

kevin1956murray, that's not what I would call a positive response to your specific technical request. I'm rather put-off by their canned answer to you as they should have recognized that you are a technically-astute individual who is way past the owner's manual admonishments. Pity. Thanks for trying.
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Re: ChargePoint Charging Question

Wed Oct 09, 2019 10:52 am

I also requested from Kasey at Chargepoint that now that the situation is at least a little bit understood, that maybe they could empower their phone help techs with some sort of remote "restart" command. The idea being that I could track my own sessions, and call Chargepoint Help when my MiEV was in a 1.1kW 'post pause' funk. (I used to do that early last spring, and them rebooting the station would get me back to 3kW.
But rebooting loses the station's historical data and the phone techs are not allowed to reboot anymore.)

Below is Chargepoint's reply. At least it is specific and to the point. I'm thinking the software/firmware must not be very easy to change. But Kasey does give a glimmer of hope for the future, if my MiEV ends up lasting that long.

From: Kasey S. (ChargePoint Support)

Oct 9, 10:26 MST

Hi Kevin,

Unfortunately, no. For broader business reasons, agents are no longer able to reboot stations.

We will do what we can to correct for your use case in future revisions of software, however at this time there is no workaround when you charge at power shared stations. The uniqueness of the BMS logic used in your iMiev makes this a specific use case that we have added to our road map to correct for.

Please let me know should you have any questions. I will go ahead and close this ticket out for us.
Have a great day!
Kasey Smith
Manager, Owner and Partner Support
Direct: 480-291-5381
ChargePoint | | 877-850-4562

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Re: ChargePoint Charging Question

Tue Dec 24, 2019 5:02 pm

To avoid the low charge rate after a pause, I have been avoiding 'shared' Chargepoint stations. But this morning I was charging the MiEV at a 'shared' station (the only car there), and remarkably it went above 1.1kW after a pause. The pause was in the beginning of the 'ending taper', which unfortunately for my car that taper has been a shallow taper for several weeks now. I believe I have experienced battery degradation, since the car cannot seem to 'fill up' the final two ticks on the dash indicator. And my max guess-ommeter reading lately has been in the low 40s, even on 70 degree days.

Anyway, I'm thinking that maybe Chargepoint fixed something, since the rate after the pause returned to what it was before the pause. (See picture below.)


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