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Re: Donating it, sorry--2012 SE, 24,000k miles = $5,000 ?? MASSACHUSETTS

Tue Oct 10, 2017 5:01 am

I told the Mech that too and after he showed me the specs, blah blah blah. It said to drain slightly. I think it meant after to disconnect under the seat, then drain what might be "in the lines"

Anyway, I found that the motor made the Same is not slightly more noise and still a few burps with driving. That might be another reason I got rid of it.
And THE FACT that I had to buy a whole mounting kit for the AC compressor when it was ONLY the rubber screws that went ...at a tune of $200+ Kinda frosted my arse a little.
They didn't have a chager either and after 5 HOURS of waiting they offered to give me a loaner :roll:
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Re: Donating it, sorry--2012 SE, 24,000k miles = $5,000 ?? MASSACHUSETTS

Tue Oct 10, 2017 10:03 am

Sorry Tigger,
With a combine income south of $28k, I doubt my brother will be buying a Bolt.


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Re: 2012 SE, 24,000k miles = $5,000 ?? MASSACHUSETTS

Tue Oct 10, 2017 12:13 pm

wmcbrine wrote:
BenBrown wrote:Trick is 4 dealerships in the region just stopped servicing them.

Ugh... I still haven't got the last two recalls done on mine; I guess I better get on it, if it's not already too late.
The dealership we bought our first car from was only 10 miles from home and they were excellent . . . . but they went out of business. After that, the nearest dealer who services EV's was either New Orleans (90 miles) or Pensacola (110 miles). About 3 years ago, Mitsu paid to truck our first car to Pensacola for a recall - They contracted with a local towing service and they picked it up in the morning, did the recall while the driver waited and he brought it back that evening. Shortly after, we bought the second car and eventually they both needed two recalls. It would have been a two or three day trip for us to try driving them over there (very little charging infrastructure between here and there and one car doesn't have DCQC) so I kept bugging Mitsu about either getting the nearest dealer to us certified (Mobile, about 40 miles away) *or* getting our two cars in to be serviced wherever they liked at Mitsu's expense. Eventually after more than a year of wrangling, Mitsu paid to have them both trucked to Pensacola and brought back 3 days later

I guess the squeaky wheel does get the grease!

They have both been absolutely perfect. trouble-free cars and you couldn't pry my wife's hands off the steering wheel of hers for sure. We hope to see the end of the battery warranty on both of them in 2022 :D

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