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How To: Program Horn Answerback Function

Sun May 15, 2016 6:28 pm

The i-MiEV has four different horn answerback functions when pressing the key fob LOCK button:

1. No horn (light flash only)
2. Horn sounds on first LOCK press.
3. (i-MiEVs with AUTO headlight function) Horn sounds if lights are set to AUTO.
4. Horn sounds when LOCK pressed twice.

The turn lights flash once when LOCK is pressed in all four modes, and flash twice when UNLOCK is pressed.

To change the behavior of the answerback function:

1. Remove the key from the switch (ignition).
2. Turn headlight switch to OFF and open the driver's door.
3. Press and hold the fob's LOCK button for 4-10 seconds.
4. After 4 seconds, keep LOCK held down and also press down the UNLOCK button.
5. Keep both buttons held down for about a second, then release the LOCK button followed immediately by the UNLOCK button. The i-MiEV should now chime 1-4 times. The number of chimes corresponds to which mode is active.

Programming instructions are also found on Page 3-13 of the owner's manual.

Video Demonstration:
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