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1,193 mile i-Miev trip finished!

Fri Aug 31, 2018 7:16 pm

Just returned from my 1,193 mile I-Miev trip,
1,193 miles....9 days.
Amazing car.

Observations: Chargepoint has some upgrading to do. Only 60% reliability.
Non networked chargers are awesome!

Rockford, IL to Chicago to La Porte IN, to South Bend, IN to Angola IN to Toledo OH to Sandusky OH, then to Cleveland and Mentor, OH.
Various tiny side trips on the way.
Return trip was the above...Mentor to Home....
Parts were in Amish Country and the Lincoln Highway.

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Re: 1,193 mile i-Miev trip finished!

Fri Aug 31, 2018 8:02 pm

Wonderful! ... and didn't you have a heat wave during that trip? Have you written up this trip anywhere? What was your percentage of DCFC, Level 2, and Level 1 charging?

Surprised about ChargePoint, and EVgo has always had reliable hardware (for me) and their revised rate structure makes them now very desirable. Random non-networked charging stations are always nice to come across (especially when they're free) and it will be interesting to see whether the cross-country DCFC networks will follow Tesla's lead and have a dozen or so stations at each location.

Here at local schools recent EVSE installations have 20+ charging stations at one location, with at least one DCFC in the mix. This has resulted in many teachers getting BEVs.
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Re: 1,193 mile i-Miev trip finished!

Sat Sep 01, 2018 10:51 am

That is amazing, but not a surprise considering your Route 66 trip.

i've never tried an extended distance trip-- just use it for the daily commute, but i sure admire and appreciate your skill and ability to extend the useful distance with these little jellybeans...
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Re: 1,193 mile i-Miev trip finished!

Sat Sep 01, 2018 1:21 pm

+1 - We've never charged anywhere but home. We bought the Volt for longer trips, but we haven't taken many lately. I do admire your planning skills that enable you to use the little car for long trips - Not sure it would work out so well for me . . . .

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Re: 1,193 mile i-Miev trip finished!

Sun Sep 02, 2018 6:19 am

Hi rkarl89203
Congratulations on completing another long distance trip.

What was your most distance in 1 day that you drove?
Did you do any multiple back to back (L3) fast charging?
If so how did the car react ?
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Re: 1,193 mile i-Miev trip finished!

Wed Sep 05, 2018 7:55 am

What a great way to see the country!
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Re: 1,193 mile i-Miev trip finished!

Fri Sep 07, 2018 7:26 pm

Some statistics from my trip.

Day 1--430AM-Left my house at Rockford with 68 RR. All 16 bars.
6 AM--Arrived at McHenry County College with 19 RR, 5 bars. (Semacharge L2)
8 AM--Left McHenry County College with 45 RR, 8 bars
940 AM--Arrived at Schaumberg, IL Whole Foods DCQC with 18 miles, 5 bars. (EVGO L3)
1000 AM--Left Schaumberg, IL with 63 RR, 13 Bars.
1055 AM-Arrived at Berwyn IL DCQC with 25 RR, 5 bars(EVGO L3)
1122 AM--Left Berwyn IL with 59 RR, 14 bars.
1 PM--Arrived at Whiting IN (Environmental Center) with 35 RR, 7 bars. (Chargepoint L2)
Note...this Chargepoint L2 kicked off TWICE,
135PM==Left Whiting IN with 42 RR, 9 bars.
245 PM--DCQC in Burns Harbor, IN...(L3 Nissan). Nice people! Left with 62 RR, 14 bars.
430 PM--Arrived at La Porte IN. Decided to charge at the Water Dept. Chargepoint.
Big Mistake. Couldn't get it to charge. Called Tech Support at Chargepoint.
Arrived with 28 RR, 7 bars. After 35 mins, Got it started.
545PM--Left La Porte IN, with 46 RR, 9 bars.
648PM--Arrived at South Bend City Hall...with 13 RR, 3 bars. (Clipper Creek L2)
720 PM--Decided to Leave dangerous area and Drive to Michiana Gym at Elkhart,
1017PM--Arrived with18 RRs, 4 bars.

At this point, after only 220 miles progress, decided to drive through the night.

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Re: 1,193 mile i-Miev trip finished!

Fri Sep 07, 2018 7:51 pm

1193 mi. Trip, cont.

Day 2--Charged at Michiana Gym L2 until 3AM. Non Networked L2. Left w/ 57 RR, 11 bars.
343AM--Arrived at Chevy Dealership in Middlebury, IN with 33 RR, 8 bars.
540AM--Left Middlebury IN with 62 RR, 14 bars. (This was a non-networked L2)
734AM--Arrived at Angola, IN City Parking lot with 10 RR, 2 bars. Chargepoint L2
kept faulting out.
1020AM--Left Angola IN with 64 RR, 16 bars.
120PM--Arrived at Northwest College, Archbold, OH with 35RR, 5 bars. non-networked L2.
353PM--Left Archbold, OH with 65RR, 11 bars.
505 PM--Arrived University of Toledo Greenlots DCQC. BROKEN. Arr. w 9 RR, 2 bars.
600 PM--Found non-networked L2 on campus, charged to 25 RR, 5 bars.
700PM--Checked into Comfort Inn, Oregon, Ohio.
730 PM--Charged at Matthews Ford, Oregon, OH...Non networked L2.
Charged to 40 RR, 5 bars.

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Re: 1,193 mile i-Miev trip finished!

Sat Sep 08, 2018 11:18 am

Day 3--
0700AM--Left Oregon, OH Comfort Inn
0740AM...Arrived at Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge with 19RR, 4 bars(Clipper Creek L2)
0940AM..left Ottawa NWR with 41 RR, 9 bars
1044AM..Arrive Port Clinton OH McDonalds, 15 RR , 3 bars
Left with 65RR, 11 bars {non networked L2}
330pM--Arrive Oberlin, OH with 3 RR, NO BARS
left with 38 RR, 5 Bars. (non networked L2)
600PM--Arrive Elyria OH DCQC 18RR, 3 bars. (EVGO)
left with 64 RR, 13 Bars.
730PM--Arrive Cleveland downtown DCQC with 38 mi, 9 bars (EVGO)
800PM- Left with 64 RR, 13 bar.
Checked into Studio 6 Room in Mentor, OH at 9 PM.

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Re: 1,193 mile i-Miev trip finished!

Sat Sep 08, 2018 11:32 am

Days 4, 5 and the 6th Day morning were spent at my daughters house in Mentor.
Opportunity L1 charging there and at the room.

Days 6,7 and 8 were days 1,2 and 3 in reverse...with some sightseeing in Amish country and the Lincoln Highway.

As someone mentioned, there was a MAJOR heat wave during this trip. I was able to use AC easily all through Chicago and Cleveland as there were many DCQCs around. On the return trip, I spent a lot of time charging at the L2 at McDonalds in Port Clinton OH using the "Pre-cool"function on the remote to keep the 95 degree weather from frying my brain, haha...

As far as the DCQC back to back charging, I used them 3 times in Chicago and 4 times in Cleveland, occasionally 3 times in a row. I noticed no discernible difference in performance after multiple quick charges.

The biggest disappointment I had was with the Chargepoint chargers. About 60 percent worked with no problem. Just a pain in the butt.
EVGO has apparently gotten their stuff together. All worked flawlessly.

That's it...upon my arrival home, I charged L1 In my driveway to 80RR with all bars.

Awesome car....

SANDANGE, the farthest traveled in a day on this trip was 220 miles.

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