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Re: Now MR BEAN won’t charge!

Tue Jul 03, 2018 5:55 pm

jray3 wrote:Here's the spec sheet for our 20A fuse under the inverter inspection cover. Still haven't found an online vendor.

The nearest equivalent I have found so far isn't great. It's a Bussmann/Eaton PV fuse, part number PV-20A10-T, which is surprisingly rated at 33 kA or 50 kA of interrupt capability (what panels can manage anything like that? Perhaps in a commercial solar farm).

It's available from Mouser US: ... YZ2445BpOV

It costs around US$30 and won't be in stock for several weeks (as of this post in early July). Digi-Key have it as non-stock item, meaning they will order 10 of them for you if you want, and the unit price is even higher (around US$358 for quantity 10). Newark/element14 and RS-Online don't seem to stock it.

It's also too big: it's a 10x38 mm fuse, so the holes are 51 mm apart (49 mm minimum assuming M4 bolts). [ Edit: It's probably a near-exact or exact fit; see this post. ] So you could cut off the ends and nibble or drill the slot to take the presumed 45 mm spacing of the bolts. Totally non-ideal, but if Mitsubishi are out of stock, this might be a solution for the adventurous and/or desperate.


Littelfuse don't seem to have anything suitable. The closest seems to be their 504 series: ... et.pdf.pdf

But these are leaded fuses (you could bend the pigtails into a loop), and the killer is the interrupt rating: only 400 A @ 420 VDC. The slightly low voltage rating would I believe be adequate, but I think you'd want every bit of the 2000 A interrupt rating of the original PEC fuses.

[ Edit: Added image; Bussmann -> Bussmann/Eaton ]

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