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Re: Now MR BEAN won’t charge!

Tue Jul 03, 2018 5:55 pm

jray3 wrote:Here's the spec sheet for our 20A fuse under the inverter inspection cover. Still haven't found an online vendor.

The nearest equivalent I have found so far isn't great. It's a Bussmann/Eaton PV fuse, part number PV-20A10-T, which is surprisingly rated at 33 kA or 50 kA of interrupt capability (what panels can manage anything like that? Perhaps in a commercial solar farm).

It's available from Mouser US: ... YZ2445BpOV

It costs around US$30 and won't be in stock for several weeks (as of this post in early July). Digi-Key have it as non-stock item, meaning they will order 10 of them for you if you want, and the unit price is even higher (around US$358 for quantity 10). Newark/element14 and RS-Online don't seem to stock it.

It's also too big: it's a 10x38 mm fuse, so the holes are 51 mm apart (49 mm minimum assuming M4 bolts). So you could cut off the ends and nibble or drill the slot to take the presumed 45 mm spacing of the bolts. Totally non-ideal, but if Mitsubishi are out of stock, this might be a solution for the adventurous and/or desperate.


Littelfuse don't seem to have anything suitable. The closest seems to be their 504 series: ... et.pdf.pdf

But these are leaded fuses (you could bend the pigtails into a loop), and the killer is the interrupt rating: only 400 A @ 420 VDC. The slightly low voltage rating would I believe be adequate, but I think you'd want every bit of the 2000 A interrupt rating of the original PEC fuses.

[ Edit: Added image; Bussmann -> Bussmann/Eaton ]

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