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A new used owner

Sun Feb 18, 2018 5:54 pm

Hi all,
I'd like to introduce Evie my new slightly used i-MiEV.
Purchased a 2012 ES, Labrador Black, 31,000 miles for $4700 plus tax tag doc......
All of the recalls which had previously been taken care of and a fresh set of tires sealed the deal.
The drive home was pure range anxiety.
Having spent a bit of time on the used car lot, as well as it being winter in the Chicago area the RR on a "full charge" leaving the dealership was 42 for a projected 51 mile highway drive home.
The big dilemma, highway Chademos seemed to all be down along the route vs back roads a longer route and L2's.
I went back roads.
As I eased Evie into the garage she wasn't going another foot.
I think I killed the turtle.
Overnight(@10 hours) on the 110 charger and I was greeted by 30 miles of range and a preheated car.
Parked her at a free L2 a few blocks from work and at full charge in 35 degree weather she showed 61 miles.
The wife wanted to "just go for a drive" after work.
After researching, testing, evaluating, and pricing all the EV's out there I am proud to say I am an i-MiEV owner.

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Re: A new used owner

Sun Feb 18, 2018 6:50 pm

Welcome to the forum!

Sounds like the last time the car was used prior to you buying it may have been on the freeway, hence the RR41 you started with, and yet you made it 51 miles home - I can imagine it was a bit of an apprehensive trip!! Now that you've got that behind you, it should be smooth sailing from this point forward :D

Your 61 mile RR will improve as Chicago temps warm up a bit

Congratulations on your purchase - Sounds like you got a pretty good deal

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Re: A new used owner

Sun Feb 18, 2018 9:38 pm

Congratulations Evie, and welcome to the i-miev forum.

You're post caught my eye because I recently sold my #3 i-miev that I didn't have a driver for. When I saw your post "A new used owner", my first thought was that you might be the one who bought my little E-V. But you're not him. We're glad to have you anyway as part of our i-miev family.

Through your posts, those of us that have traveled this trail before you can re-live our excitement all over again. Please post often! Let us know how it's going, and feel free to ask for help to get the most out of your Mitsu.
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Re: A new used owner

Mon Feb 19, 2018 11:33 am

Evie, congratulations and I'll join the chorus welcoming you to the forum. Your situation is not all that unusual, as a number of brand-new owners have experienced the i-MiEV's range limitation on their initial distant drive home from the dealership. You'll soon find that your range is whatever you need it to be and you will learn to plan and drive accordingly. You'll find that the RR display is very consistent and its prediction reflects how the car was driven the preceding 15 miles and also introduces a % offset if you turn the heater on. Make good use of your seat heater in winter, as it's a negligible hit on range. Have fun, and your i-MiEV experience will only get better as summer approaches.
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