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My odometer and speedometer read 5% high with stock tires

Tue Nov 07, 2017 5:26 pm

Good Day.
I have verified the 5% high reading on the odometer with a 10 km test section on the highway near home.
10 km test section registers 10.5 kms on the trip meter.
Plus all of those speed warning stations read lower than my speedometer says. If I indicate 105kms per hour on the I-MiEV digital dash - the speed warning station says 100kms.
Our other cars are bang on.

This is with the 2014 I-MiEV and stock tires at regular tire pressures. (I also have the Blizzak snow tires where the rear tire is a bit smaller than stock but I am not including those in this complaint)

So my warranty runs out a little earlier than it should in theory. Actually my 3 years will be up before I get to 60,000 kms.
But the battery and power train 8 years and 160,000 kms might be an issue.
The dealer says they can't really do anything about it and that they have no real way of checking it.

Does anyone else have this issue? Should I care?

2014 i-MiEV

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