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Re: 240V Charging and Extension cables (Amazing-E)

Fri Dec 08, 2017 8:27 am

Genious Don! Thank you. That is an awesome idea. I guess I could ground the box to a copper grounding rod 6 feet into the ground outside - which I am going to install for the solar panels and inverter system anyway. That way the 4th wire of the EVSE receptacle (female) in the box would be grounded to the box and to the rod in the then I am protected by the fuses and the grounding. I am not sure abou that but grounding sounds like a good idea to me just in case anything gets in contact with any of the 240v at some point. And in the solar/turbine system that I'm hooking up too....which is 24v...and it says to ground it on the positive side of that system. And to run grounds to the housing of each panel. So all of that would have to be connected to the ground rod eventually. I think I'll run all of this by the electrician before I turn it on and maybe just continue with the 120v for now. If I'm going to install a box for EV charging, maybe I just want that to be done by an electrician - with your suggestion in mind. Would be a good first step working with the electrician.

First step would be to upgrade my dryer plug to 4 prong receptacle (with new wire from main utility panel) and also install a separate EV breaker box with the fuses and ground the whole thing. I could also get my 100 amp main box replaced with a 200 amp box because I need to do that anyway and that would take care of all of my main big wires and the major upgrades. The I could do the other stuff later with the solar/turbine/battery bank and also the conversion from gas hot water to instant electric water.

I think you really helped me get to my next steps. Thank you!!! If anyone has any other ideas based upon hearing the other factors I just mentioned let me know!

Thanks for your help!

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Re: 240V Charging and Extension cables (Amazing-E)

Fri Dec 08, 2017 12:18 pm

Dryers are usually plugged into 30A circuits. Old dryer outlets were NEMA 10-30 and new dryer outlets are now NEMA 14-30.

Ovens and RVs nowadays utilize NEMA 14-50, which is the outlet I would install for EV use if at all possible.

I once tried to install 14-50 in a garage and made the mistake of telling the inspector it was for a dryer and thus had to subsequently back off and put in a 30A circuit breaker and 14-30 outlet. :(

The 14-50 and 14-30 Ground and Neutral are tied together at the circuit breaker panel, which is then supposed to be properly 'grounded'. bradleydavidgood777, if you utilize an electrician s/he will hopefully be up to speed regarding the latest codes and appropriate grounding (which are ever-changing, especially in the world of renewable energy). As an aside, HomePower magazine has an informative discussion of code updates and implementation in every issue.

Many years ago I standardized my collection of adapters using NEMA L6-30 which was far more than adequate for the i-MiEV.
Now, with modern EV chargers drawing 32A, I find that my collection is obsolete and I keep adding more.

Looking to the future, although I'm comfortably running my Tesla HPWC at 40A on the three-prong 6-50 welder circuit for now, I can program my Tesla with dual chargers to draw 80A so I'm contemplating hardwiring the HPWC into my presently-unused furnace 100A circuit if I want to run any higher. Why unused? - I burned wood for 20 years, but now understand the carcinogenic and greenhouse gas error of my ways and still don't use the darn thing and simply have space heaters scattered throughout my all-electric house. :roll:
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Re: 240V Charging and Extension cables (Amazing-E)

Mon Dec 11, 2017 1:27 pm

Thanks JoeS. The amazing e plug is 4 prong dryer 14-30. So that's why I was thinking of upgrading the dryer outlet and then I could plug into that. However, that would not work because the amazing e cord is not long enough to reach my car. So I think your idea would be good. Install the 14-50 as a second outlet with proper safety and codes and then use a 14-50 RV extension cord and then an adapter from 14-50 to 14-30 so that the amazing e can plug into the 14-30. Sound like a plan?

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