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Re: So I bought the i-Miev.

Wed Nov 08, 2017 7:59 am

The kit goes under the passenger side of the rear seat. If it's missing---no big deal. I think the sealant has an expiration date on it anyway and a small plug in air pump is cheap at a box store or auto parts store. Be sure you get one with a long enough cable to plug it in to the cabin power outlet and still reach all four tires. Better would be to get one that connects to the battery terminals that would allow a bigger compressor. Again the caveat about the cable length applies. If you need to inflate a tire, make sure the car is in the ready mode so the DC-DC converter is charging the little underhood battery. BTW---the battery is not maintenance free and water needs to be checked from time to time. Smart I-MiEV owners have changed out those batteries for new/better batteries. It is the only bad part of the car. Hope you got the "remote" with the car. Enjoy your I-MiEV. It's a most unique and capable vehicle if used within it's range limitations.

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Re: So I bought the i-Miev.

Tue Nov 21, 2017 12:49 pm

Found the compressor and the can of tire fixer, still has few months until out of date. It takes Philips head screws to open the cover. There is a washer that you can use instead of screw driver. Seems that there was something else there. Maybe tire wrench? Should be 21mm.

Replaced the cabin air filter. Found it on Ebay for $10 with shipping. ... 2749.l2649 But I still smell something in the car. Not sure what it is. Does the battery smell? Where does the air from the battery go?

Also got new seat covers from Ebay for $17 with shipping. ... 2749.l2649

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