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3 Years & 123,000 km 76,000 Miles

Posted: Sun Jul 16, 2017 6:55 am
by sandange
Our 2014 es i Miev

Happened to be the 3 year anniversary Ju;y 14 th owning Bluey &
wanted to share & recap the experience.

The car has performed as expected,
dependable, as advertised.

1) My stupidiy - let the car roll down the driveway while plugged in and in neutral
damaging the L2 plug in port

2) Experienced occasional warning lights light show while starting in cold weather and pausing while turning the key from ON to the START ready position.
Rarely happens now as I do not pause turning the key through to start.

3) Recently experienced stiff floor shifter movement nand have ahd thsome warning light come on as I like to shift frequently through the N, D. E, & B modes..
I've refrained from shifting actively and remain in one of the modes and the problem has not reoccurred.- on going investigation into this.

4) Range loss - I noticed my first bar disappears quicker than before. but not by much maybe 3-4 km , 2.5 miles,
Other than that the range seems to be the same + or - (5%)
Possible reasons
This spring I changed my tires for new summer tires- Continental fronts & Minerva rears. I charge often on L3 (up to 10 times a week) .
Recently I've been a little heavier on the go pedal with the more available L3 charges in my travel circles.

Can't say there has been any ugly to date.

Still a great not so little car as we've been pushing it to the limits.

Re: 3 Years & 123,00 km 76,000 Miles

Posted: Sat Sep 09, 2017 2:11 pm
by meier
Thanks for sharing :-) .. what are your range normally ?? -

I have had my zero for a year - It have done 50.000 km now and i had a range in summer of 120km its getting colder and range is already dropping now to 100-110km ...

Re: 3 Years & 123,00 km 76,000 Miles

Posted: Sun Sep 10, 2017 5:24 am
by sandange
Just to note that I'm located in Canada and have the north american version of the i Miev - slightly larger and i believe heavier.

In the summer I can get 100 km average on flat terrain.