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argh - My little I-MiEV rolled down the driveway while plugged in

Fri Jan 27, 2017 7:46 pm

Well it wasn't my week.
My wife's vehicle was on the fritz....a dino fuel burning diesel Jeep I was driving it to diagnose an intermittent electrical issue that caused it to go into limp mode occasionally - stuck in 2nd gear.
So she was driving the I-MiEV back and forth to work.

I had just repaired my 2 year old level 2 EVSE for the I-MiEV the night before (the 2 pole 40 amp / 240 volt contactor inside the EVSE that is interlocked with the J1772 handle failed). It's the only electro-mechanical part in my EVSE.
After patting myself on the back for diagnosing this and fixing it by replacing it with a new one, only $31.00 in less than 24 hours after failure,
the very next morning she rolled backwards out of the driveway while stilled plugged in. Our driveway has a slight slope to it.

Luckily the female outlet on the car doesn't appear damaged.
But the J1772 handle on the other hand didn't fare so well.

I am looking for a replacement one now but am hoping to not have to replace the 19' long 4 conductor cable as well.
I want to reuse it if at all possible.

I am on a 3 week work trip unfortunately so it will have to wait now.
I think I will either get it from Tucson EV or from ITT directly.
The part number of my J1772 nozzle is J2CE303119-017 ITT Z 1349
I'll have to figure out how to reuse the swaged pin conductors at the end of the cable that trap a potential handle / nozzle replacement.

Bad things happen in 3's so I am waiting....
Cheers, Roman
2014 i-MiEV

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