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Re: Practical solutions for extending cold weather range

Tue Oct 29, 2019 12:17 pm

MLucas wrote:A few of us developed a Cold Weather Chart last winter. The i-MiEV will not charge or start below -30c/-22F. The Battery Warmer only operates between -15c/-30c.


I'm not sure where this "chart" comes from, but it contradicts tests done in Canada, in Winnipeg, often cited as the "coldest city in Canada" (not true if you could the northern section).

An additional minor winter
vulnerability appeared with the Blue
iMiEV when ambient temperatures
became very cold, i.e., around -30°C
or lower. The screen display on the
vehicle’s navigation system — part
of the premium package on the car
— would not function, as illustrated
in the photograph at right. This was
only a temporary situation, which
was always rectified once the vehicle
had been operated for five or so
minutes. Also no important control
was lost.
One surprising winter advantage for
the iMiEV and other electric vehicles
emerged during an extremely cold
period, i.e., at ambient temperature
around -35°C. Such cold weather
is well known to be detrimental for
the 12-volt batteries of conventional
vehicles, causing very high numbers
of start-failures that require battery
boosting of some kind. And yet,
under the same conditions, a series
of electric vehicles, including the
iMiEVs, were found to be highly
robust in terms of being able to
start up and quickly drive away. In
an interesting paradox, on the day
in question, the driver of the Blue
iMiEV reported literally passing two
disabled conventional vehicles, both
with the front-hood characteristically
open; one being boosted, the
second waiting for a boost. This is a
significant advantage.

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