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Re: Re-surging interest in the i-MiEV?

Thu Nov 03, 2016 5:33 pm

I would think mitsu's cells are probably better using economies of scale Nissan could have a cheaper more reliable Mitsubishi cells in their leafs

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Re: Re-surging interest in the i-MiEV?

Thu Nov 03, 2016 5:55 pm

Now, why would you think that?
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Re: Re-surging interest in the i-MiEV?

Fri Nov 04, 2016 2:59 pm

I think it has 70% to do with image, and the rest split between price and education.

Consumers in countries like the UK and US buy with their eyes, not their brains. if you make something look good, it does well. Very hard to understand why the PHEV was a runaway success, and the IMIEV not, with the majority of UK PHEV sales being in London to take advantage of tax breaks, the I is unquestionably the better car for london, but the consumer likes the SUV... it's just fashion.

The vast majority of people are neither technically minded, nor particularly utilitarian.

Most simply go to the dealer run and choose the best looking car that fits their parameters with the easiest to budget finance deal. Since Mitsubishi neither have that many dealers compared to the other big names, nor pushed finance options proprely, it cost them.

Their Cabled trial, which can be easily researched was about the total of their marketing, so their approach to market was too academic, and didn't make the mainstream. Dare I say you need to advertise on prime time TV shows, something they understood with the PHEV and got right.

Some manufacturers can sell total junk, but because it looks pretty, they still sell.

I don't think the majority of people recognise that in a city like London, 70 miles is more than enough, nor have they assessed their needs. Most people have busy lives, just need any car, and can't yet be bothered with the charging faff that comes with a BEV, and they don't understand how to basic plan their journeys around a 6 hour charge... so in essence they are actually lazy, or lazy by proxy. So, they just continue with what they know.

Dare I say I think the Scandinavians, French and Germans are more utilitarian, and less image focused in the main, hence better uptake.

I've noticed a slight price increase in UK prices, perhaps 10% on used values, but they remain low.

I don't think Mitsubishi are sitting on a gold mine, no... the body on the I is aged now... 10 year old design, style has moved on, and they have missed the boat with this model as range has progressed too... so it will remain a classic in the EV world, but it won't be reintroduced now, as Nissan will go with their better sellers.

Last issue was that the IMIEV served as a great city car, but also as a second car really, requiring an ICE back-up. nowadays, I really think for market penetration, you want a Leaf sized car with about 130 mile range. I would not buy the I as a sole car, it can only be a 2nd one.... it's a problem that most people would arrive at.... and in a city, many only have space for 1 car... bit of a catch 22.
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Re: Re-surging interest in the i-MiEV?

Fri Nov 04, 2016 3:28 pm

I think that Nissan has doubled down on their pouch-style battery modules, and we're not likely to see any more prismatic cells in a mass-produced EV battery. There was only one salvage i-MiEV pack listed in the country last week, and I'd need three i-packs, so instead I purchased two late-model LEAF packs for use in resurrecting a '99 Ford Ranger EV. The 'lizard pack' modules in a LEAF are some what more heat tolerant and 0.22 lbs lighter (probably due to the 'tuna can' being replaced by a glued clamshell with open corners for venting. While a bit less durable, the clamshells are easily mounted in either direction for series or parallel modules, so there's only one variety, while there were two types of tuna cans in each LEAF pack, restricting the reuse options.
Details on the Ranger Resurrection are being posted to my blog at http://www.karmanneclectric.blogspot.com

And what difference would 18 miles make? I've gotten good at range planning, having turtled many times (probably 2-3x/month for the past three years since deciding it was no big deal) but never experienced shutdown or EVen had to stop for an unplanned L1 recharge. It gives me a sick thrill to arrive in the nick of time, but the fabled 'range anxiety' is the reason that my wife doesn't use the car for any trips much beyond her routine without research and a guarantee by me. Yes, 18 miles would make a difference, but I definitely wouldn't trade for a 2011-12 used LEAF, EVen at even money. A 2013+ with low miles? Probably. I may be proud, but ain't stupid. :roll:
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Re: Re-surging interest in the i-MiEV?

Fri Nov 04, 2016 4:54 pm

jray3 wrote:Details on the Ranger Resurrection are being posted to my blog at http://www.karmanneclectric.blogspot.com

Nice site and keep us posted on the upgrades.
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Re: Re-surging interest in the i-MiEV?

Sat Nov 05, 2016 6:26 am

Thank you phb, that was a very reasonable analysis of the situation.

It's unfortunate that the external look and marketing cannot convey or distract from the amazing BEV experience available in these cars.
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Re: Re-surging interest in the i-MiEV?

Tue Nov 08, 2016 1:23 pm

Of COURSE greater range would be better. Lots of complaints I see about lack or range. Maybe it's just me,
Having liked Smal! Cars since I was a kid (drove my Subaru 360 from San Diego to New Hampshire in 1972),
But I like this car as is. More than adequate for less than 300 mile trips with planning. We really all need to understand that this is one fine car with great potential. I don't know about resurgent interest, but just today
I heard, for the umpteenth time "I didn't know Mitsubishi made an electric car." And that was from a 60ish guy with a cowboy hat, who thought it looked "way cool." Resurgent interest, no. Interest, yes.
Cars like the Bolt will make it look like a dinosaur, though.

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