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Re: Uhaul attacks my imiev

Posted: Fri Jun 22, 2018 2:05 pm
by jray3
Ouch, what a bad luck acciDent! I'd encourage you to do the buyback if they total it. That's the flipside of our low valuations, quick to total out, and super-cheap to buy back. I'd put the old wheels/tires back on just in case, but negotiate down to $2500 or less. The last fixable-looking auction car I saw went for $1800. Our i-MiEV replaced a 1992 Civic that was twice-totalled and twice bought back, and I got more money from insurance the second time than the first time five years earlier, knowing the game better!

Don wrote:Cool! - Tire Rack now sells wheels to fit our cars!!
I *like* the wheels - Gives the car a whole new look, doesn't it?

Indeed! The link didn't work for me but the fronts are selling for $115 and rear wheels for $120- that's better than OEM salvage alloys. Wonder how the weight compares?

Here's the link where I found 'em.