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Re: Should we get a 2014?

Thu Feb 01, 2018 4:24 am

Glad to hear you're enjoying your i Miev as much as we are ours.
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Re: Should we get a 2014?

Thu Feb 01, 2018 7:41 am

Last night we took it to the one bar charge level by going to a restaurant quite far away. No range angst since we know how far we can go and had the running out of power experience on our first night with the car taking it home from the dealer (described elsewhere in the forums). That experience taught us that you've got quite a few miles after the bars are gone and the turtle shakes it's ugly head and you ultimately have to pull over.. The trip last night is as far as we would take he iMiev and contains quite a bit of uphill freeway going home. It struck me that range angst is very much based on the fact that there's no spare gasoline tank in the back and you can't walk to the nearest gas station for help either. You are instantly tow truck material. I wish there was a "spare tank" device available for EV's :)

The food at the restaurant was good and there were people at the parking lot asking me about the iMiEV thinking it was some sort of prototype. Not many of them around here.

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Re: Should we get a 2014?

Thu Feb 01, 2018 9:42 am

cdysthe,, delighted the i-MiEV is working out well for you! Excellent that you assessed your real needs before you bought the car.

cdysthe, turtle is your 'spare gas tank'. Note that as the battery ages and loses capacity, this invisible reserve is reduced, with little apparent affect on your car's range.

We have a saying on this forum: range is whatever we want it to be. Our driving style is the primary determinant of how far we can go with a given battery pack. Freeway speed is a range-killer, so stick to the right lane and slow down early-on if there is any question at all.

In six years of i-MiEV daily driving, neither my wife nor I have ever seen turtle, and rarely arrive home with fewer than two bars.

Winter driving:

1) In addition to reduced range due to low temperature decreased battery capacity and heater use, need to recognize that driving on a wet, slushy, or snow-covered road surface significantly increases the car's rolling resistance.

2) For getting out of snow-stuck situations, in your bag of tricks don't forget that you have the ASC (Active Stability Control) switch (by your left knee) that you can disable - be sure to hold it pushed in for at least a second. See your manual. Perhaps some of our snow experts can comment on this?
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Re: Should we get a 2014?

Thu Feb 01, 2018 12:39 pm

Getting stuck? Ain’t gonna happen! I mudded through an absolute bog of a school construction site yesterday. One of the grizzled workers actually scoffed that “something don’t belong here” when I pulled up to check progress. So of course I did a lap of the unimproved site. Awesome mud traction with them 175 mm snow tires!
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