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Re: Difference between the SE and ES Models

Mon Aug 01, 2016 7:29 am

Great! Thanks.
Well today i started the car, fully charged it gave me 64 miles. I drove it at around 35 mph for about 6 miles and then I drove it in the highway for about 7 more miles at 55-60 and then another 3 miles at 35. The RR read 43 miles. No AC but had the radio on. I have about 13 bars left in thr gage. Little by little I'm understanding better. For the Bluetooth thing, I guess I would have to install that since my car came without those goodies.

Thanks again!

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Re: Difference between the SE and ES Models

Mon Aug 01, 2016 8:12 am

Normal, totally normal ;).
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Re: Difference between the SE and ES Models

Mon Aug 01, 2016 8:47 am

ecoloco wrote:Ok, so I left the car charging all night and the gauge reads full, but instead of 60 miles. Plus it gives me a reading of 48 miles. Is this because it was left trickle charging for less than the 22 hours or has the Battery worn out in 4 years?

Thanks again for your help.

Ecoloco - welcome to the small cluster of folks who see the pure sense in having a miev. Super practical car, solid, sturdy, small, maneuverable, and efficient - everything I could ask for in a commuter car. To some folks dismay (and I would not do this every day) I hauled nearly 600 lbs of landscaping blocks in my little Miev - took it like a champ. Hauled my drums to the studio this weekend - the little car didn't even notice.

I was concerned too when I first got my car a few months ago. I did mine through Carmax. Ordered it out of Southern Cal - delivered to Portland OR. When I showed up for a test drive, it was fully charged over the weekend - but only showed 58 miles on the range remaining meter. The sales man (who was a prius driver and avid hypermiler) told me that the range remaining is a forecast based on the last 10-15 miles driven. He said since the car came from California, most likely someone wasn't trying to squeak out miles and drive with the AC on.

I decided to buy the car, got it home and charged him overnight. Next morning, 68 miles on the RR. Normally, with my commute, I end up with a morning meter reading of 62-68. After the weekend, when I don't bother to charge the car b/c I do nothing but drive around town, I have had the RR read as high as 82.

But one thing that has given me some extra confidence in my battery pack is the CanION app and asking some questions of some folks on this forum. I have full confidence in my little pack, that I should have the next 4+ years fairly trouble free.

My gamble on the little car is that in 4-6 years, folks will start making replacement packs for older EV's that will be lighter, cheaper, and give better range - but that was my gamble.

I have to say - not really caring what the price of gas is has been wonderful. Doing the math using 33.7kW per gallon of gas, my little car has done the equivalent of 160 MPG. It was designed as a city car - and it loves it. But I also did a 500+ mile round trip a couple of weekends ago doing 14 DCQC's (sorry yours didn't come with that option) just to prove to myself that it could be done. And the car did wonderfully. Actually averaged 134 MPGe.

Anyway - follow the advice of the folks on this forum - I've not been led astray. They have paved the way over the last 4ish years of the Miev being in the states and they have a lot of miles under their belts.

Happy driving!!! (and yes, the posting of pictures on this forum baffles me too)
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Re: SE vs ES and Range and Capacity Discussions

Mon Aug 01, 2016 10:51 am

Mother hen here - inasmuch as this thread has drifted off-topic, I created a separate Sticky (in the References subforum) topic for the original question and renamed this one. Simply easier to find a few years from now...
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Re: SE vs ES and Range and Capacity Discussions

Tue Aug 02, 2016 8:42 am

Thanks Joe!
Captain's log, Stardate 2016.82.
After charging my little IMiev in a free charging station at a nearby Publix for an hour and a half last night, I drove about 12 miles back home in the side streets at an average speed of 25 MPH and topped it off with my slow charger all night. This morning the RR read 72 miles (Which after half a mile went down to 70). I drove it again on my regular route (6 miles in the neighborhood-8 miles highway-2 miles in the side streets to work) and now the RR reads 43 Miles. No AC and the top speed in the highway was 59 MPH. So far all the info you guys have provided has been spot on. Can't wait to upgrade my charger and my home.

More Ecoloco's iMev-entures to come!

Thanks again for your interest and advise!

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