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The future: airless tires?

Wed Mar 30, 2016 8:39 pm

Hi all . . .

Giving more thought than I probably should about i-MiEV tires (noting that absolutely anything will work on the North American version of the car, so long as it's the bone stock Dunlop Enasaves,) one has to wonder what we'll want to put on our jellybeans someday in the future. The South Korean tire manufacturer, Hankook (you gotta love that name,) is apparently on the leading edge of developing a tire, the iFlex, that doesn't require checking air pressure and - baring some really hideous sort of road debris encounter - never go flat . . .


Perhaps it's time to write these guys and see if they've ever got 4" and 5" wide imiev rims on their radar screen. Barring that, has anyone got a super-sized 3D printer so we can try to make something like this on our own? ;)
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