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how to remove the center ventilation unit

Posted: Mon Sep 25, 2017 9:42 am
by meier
Hi guys - I was unlucky and one of the fins in the Centre air outlet unit got pressed out ... but cant figure out how i remove the unit to reassemble it - it part 6/8 on this drawing .... ... dex_M1.htm

Re: how to remove the center ventilation unit

Posted: Mon Sep 25, 2017 6:28 pm
by siai47
If it is like the US I-MiEV, then you need to remove the radio to get at the vent. There is a small cover above the radio that needs to be removed. Then (I think) there are a couple of screws under the cover that need to be removed and the radio and the part that surrounds the vent snaps off. I know the heater controls are horizontal on the European models so there may be some differences but that is how to do it. Once the radio is out, the vent is right there and you should be able to get it back in place.

Re: how to remove the center ventilation unit

Posted: Fri Jan 12, 2018 3:18 pm
by phb10186
Bump - has anyone managed to do this yet?

Very annoyingly I managed to unpop two of the vertical blades on the right hand air vent in the centre of the dash with a vent mobile phone holder (was a good idea at the time)...

However, even more annoyingly - I cant effectively hold the vent properly without damaging it to pop the two blades back into the cross bar that holds that small blade assembly together, so I think I will need to take the vent out and do it carefully.

Ive taken the radio panel off (thats really easy) - but I cant see from the car (not is it clear on diagram 3 below) if I need to remove the climate control panel to take the vent out...

In the right hand drive image, part 7: ... dex_M1.htm

Rationally, there seems no need to - but I cant see the retaining clips to get the vent out (or any hidden clips/ screws) - the climate control fascia piece (7) is also - as it would appear held in with a load of clips and clasps (which will probably break easily if I don't do this properly) - though really, I was hoping that I may only need to take the top radio piece off - but as I mention, it's not clear after a brief look how this goes together.

The diagram in the workshop manual is also not hugely clear, as it shows the vents in the dash remaining as a non-numbered part - though I assume it is an assembly that must be able to be removed quite easily.

Re: how to remove the center ventilation unit

Posted: Sat Jan 13, 2018 3:48 am
by phb10186
OK, so I managed to fix this in about 30 mins, as I can't stand anything broken - the design is a bit odd, as the two vents are clipped directly into the main dashboard moulding, rather than clip into a frame which then fits in to the dashboard - must be a design characteristic that is part of keeping the car so small.

Removal of the central air vents goes something like this:

Based on this diagram: ... dex_M1.htm

under: 52a interior> INSTRUMENT PANEL ASSEMBLLY - and the two sub directories.

1. Remove the top plastic cover that contains the radio (that will be part 5 for LHD, and part 3 for RHD), lift up from the rear and it just pops out, then disconnect the stereo and remove the entire piece.

2. Remove the screw (f) on the 'under cover) - but only the one closest to the centre of the car (this allows the 'Instrument panel centre lower panel assembly' (9) as defined on the LHD, or the 'Centre lower panel' (7) as defined on the RHD to be unclipped at the top, and then lowered out of the way.

3, Part (9) for LHD / (7) for RHD is only retained by clips, which need to be gently pried off from the top first. Using a plastic pry tool, insert in the spaces in the top edge of that part gently until the retaining clips come free. Note that the retaining clips for this piece are tighter than the radio cowl

4. Now that the top of that piece is free, gently release the clips at the bottom of the piece by hand. As this piece is also retained on the drivers side by the 'Under cover' (part (7) LHD / part (5) RHD), you have to gently work at the 'Under cover' to free the lot. At this point, the entire sub-assembly can be lowered down from the top. The only reason you need to do this is because the hazard warning lamp switch needs to be removed.

5. Remove the hazard warning lamp switch - there is a clasp at the top and bottom that allows the unit to be removed from the front. Disconnect the switch once removed.

6. You can now pry the vents out, with a plastic pry tool. It is fixed to part of the single molded dashboard piece, so you wouldn't want to damage anything - though the plastic is strong, and it allows for the requisite movement. With care, pry it out with a plastic pry tool from the lug towards the centre of the car - its in there quite tightly actually.

7. Fix/ replacement is the same process in reverse.

Re: how to remove the center ventilation unit

Posted: Thu Jan 25, 2018 4:57 pm
by meier
ooh great - mine is still fu.... - car is to have replace passenger airbag consider asking if they can fix it while having it apart :-)