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Looking for Betatestesters for Opensource CAN software

Wed Aug 16, 2017 1:24 am

There is a new Opensource software project to analyze and display OBDII CAN Information
see (excerpt below)

The main working features of the software are currently:
  • odometerImage
  • clock displayImage
  • speed and rpmImage
  • chargingImage
  • cell voltagesImage
  • cell temperaturesImage

The main goal for the software is not be a "me too" product but to allow for new features e.g.

  • Warning by e-mail/SMS if the charging cable was disconnected
  • reporting current charge state to home automation systems e.g. to sync with solar PV power availabilty
  • keeping tracking of vehicle costs e.g. for charging
  • you name it - this is an open source project and you are welcome for bug reports / change requests and other suggestions!

We are looking for alpha and beta tester for this software.
Please send me a Personal Message if you are interested in particpating.

Beta testers need to have an OBDLink SX USB Adapter and a Windows 10, Mac OS or Linux box (e.g. Raspberry)
Alpha testers are also welcome for OBDLink MX Wifi and OBDLink LX adapters and e.g. Android OS

If you own multiple electric vehicles of different brands that would be great because that is one of the goals of the software to be open for different vehicle types.

can4eve issue #1
Electric vehicles will hopefully have a major market share in the near future.

As of today quite a few of the electric vehicles on the market have no or inadequate in-car applications. Remote functionality is more often than not limited or lacking.

To get the most ouf of their cars users have to resort to third party software that might be

closed source
limited to their vehicles

can4eve intends to offer a solution that is

open source
open for different vehicles

The functionality of the project shall be driven by the user needs and not so much by technical aspects. You are invited to raise your voice by adding issues to this project.

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Re: Looking for Betatestesters for Opensource CAN software

Wed Aug 16, 2017 8:14 pm

seppl2017, welcome to the forum and I hope that some of our forum members might participate in your Opensource project(s)!
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Re: Looking for Betatestesters for Opensource CAN software

Wed Sep 06, 2017 1:30 pm

I have sent my will of cooperation (available i-MiEV, Ampera and OBDLink MX BT), but private message seems not to be received yet by seppl2017.
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Re: Looking for Betatestesters for Opensource CAN software

Thu Sep 07, 2017 5:41 pm

One guy made an app for 2012 Chevy volts by snooping the can bus, he is able to simulate hold mode, disable ERDTT and use more of the battery buffer.

Will this app enable you to snoop and send can commands to add functions?

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