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Heater blower fan motor - breakdown noise @50,000km

Tue Jan 03, 2017 10:38 am

Am I the first owner experiencing this? I did try a couple of searches first, without luck.

Two days ago, after half an hour with full heat and fan speed (w/o MAX) in my '13 i-MiEV with ~50,000 km, something gave up the ghost within. It made some unholy noises, following the fan rpm. Yesterday I confirmed the noise before picking out the fan motor. Then I started it partly suspended by it's wiring. No bad noises (!). Refitted it just to hear the same noise again. Reminds of the low humming of a worn out power supply / CPU / GFX / GPU fan right before it fails completely.

Partsouq cannot supply 7802A194 - FAN & MOTOR KIT,HEATER. It's out of their range, they told me. (BTW: AIR REFRESHER ASSY 87210A 1 costs $41.53.-, but seems not likely to be restocked. "its not available in stock as well, looks like our dealers doesnt stock it anymore." )

HEATER,A/C & VENTILATION - HEATER UNIT & PIPING - Code 86218 in exploded view points to
7802A194 - FAN & MOTOR KIT,HEATER or
7802A212 - FAN & MOTOR KIT,HEATER - which is LHD specific, where the former is "feature: ALL". What differs them, I have no clue of.

Pic: Heater fan motor from a wrecked '14 Peugeot Ion triplet with a claimed, low 6,241 km on the ODO. Quote: NOK 940,- incl. VAT, or ~U$D 110.- NB! This one is without the PWM power transistor.

I have tried the local .no wreckers. They all ask a U$D 100-150,- for a 2-5 year old fan. Some are with, some without the power transistor. Even a 10-15 year old Lancer or Carisma fan motor was $70 or so, at a random wrecker.
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Ebay-time! ... Ebay says: 0 results for 7802A194 :( [...] Mitsubishi 7802A212 HVAC Blower Motor. Price: US $314.57 + intl. shipping $21.49 ≈ U$D 335.- or approx NOK 2,707.73 + intl. shipping approx. NOK 184.98 ≈ 2,900,- in "oil dollars". :shock: Are our fan motors wound with gold-plated turns or what? :lol: Cannot wait 'till I hear the quote from my local Mafia Motors Corp. :?

Meanwhile, at the mighty ebay, similarly looking, brand new fan motors for other models like a '08-13 Lancer or Outlander can be had for as little as $42.- in/from California, or $59.80.- incl. shipping from China.
NEW Premium Blower Motor For Mitsubishi Lancer Outlander 2008-2013 7802A217 US $42.25 (Approximately NOK 363.68)
OE# MI3126107 New Blower Motor A/C Fan For Mitsubishi Lancer Outlander 2008-2013 US $59.80 (Approximately NOK 514.74)

Am I just using "wrong" part numbers? Do you know of other sources online? Any ideas for a substitute?

After all, they look pretty much the same to me. As a relatively poor student I'm willing to try transplanting the insides from a Lancer etc. fan, or remodel the i-MiEV bolt pattern onto a Lancer etc. fan. The hardest bit IMHO, will be to separate the "shrink-fitted" (?) fan wheel from the motor spindle without breaking anything.
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Re: Heater blower fan motor - breakdown noise @50,000km

Tue Jan 03, 2017 10:58 am

I assume it's so expensive because it's so hard to find. I had a similar issue recently when I needed a new fog light - More than $200 from most sources ($265 IIRC from Mitsu) but I bought a brand new identical item on eBay for $50 from a seller in Lithuania. It was advertised as fitting an Outlander, a Nissan Pathfinder and a Subaru Forrester and was identical to the one in our iMiEV.

If it's any consolation, you are going about this exactly as I would - Source an affordable replacement from a Lancer or some other car and transplant the guts of it into your housing. I think a couple of wedges pressed in from opposite sides would probably remove the blower from the motor shaft without damaging anything

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