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Re: Android CAR PC

Sat Apr 08, 2017 11:55 am

There's definitely a noticeable difference in sound quality. I just put the stock radio back in and heard an immediate boost in both bass and overall volume. This means that I lose the integrated PS2 and Android apps, but sound quality is more important to me and something I pay attention to almost every day. CaniOn only gets run during trips (which my old Captivate is up to the task for), and the PS2 is almost impossible to play during daylight hours as the screen is too dark (plus, who wants to sit in the driveway to play a game? I have yet to use it at a charging station).

Also, since I went back to iOS for my mobile devices, this allows me to use them for music storage instead of a separate copy on a flash drive. The only thing I need to figure out is which format I want to use. Right now, my Hi-Fi library is in FLAC format, but is of course not compatible with Apple. The bulk of my library is MP3, but of low quality. Maybe I shall see how high a quality MP3 can support, unless something like AIFF would work better.

This thread must read like I have attention issues :lol: :oops: . One of these days, I'll get everything figured out.
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