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JuicePlug and JuiceBox

Fri Jul 08, 2016 11:12 am

Anybody else awaiting their smart adaptor for dumb EVSE? I got in on the JuicePlug at $89
https://emotorwerks.com/index.php/store ... pathway-23
in the hopes that its smartphone interface and measurement capabilities will be far better than our charging remote control. Also, my SPX/Bosch PowerExpress EVSE turned out to be incompatible with the i-remote, EVen after a recall/upgrade for Clipper Creek compatibility.
https://www.boschevsolutions.com/chargi ... wer-xpress

Anyway, here's the question I should've asked before ordering a JuicePlug:

JuiceBox users- does the smartphone interface work better than your stock remote?

Here's a link to the JuiceBox
https://emotorwerks.com/store-juicebox- ... foot-cable
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Re: JuicePlug and a JuiceBox question

Fri Jul 08, 2016 3:52 pm

The Juiceplug is a great idea, however I see one flaw: it cant be locked to the car like the standard J1772 plug can, and as I charge on my driveway (as I don't have a car garage), it would allow anyone to unplug or take the cable.
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Re: JuicePlug and a JuiceBox question

Tue Jul 12, 2016 11:40 am

I gave some thought to purchasing a JuicePlug but, instead, I'll be purchasing another of their newer products.

Upon taking delivery of my used 2012 i-MiEV late last year, I received a 2014 vintage factory 120V EVSE (Yazaki is the manufacturer) from the dealer that allows toggling from either 8A or 12A current flow. The standard 120V/8A-only units that typically came with the 2012s (Panasonic made) are upgradeable by EVSE Upgrade to 240V/120V selectivity. But EVSE Upgrade tells me that they are unable to modify the newer Yazaki-made ones for 240V.

While I like the smart phone programability features the JuicePlug would allow, I'm really wanting 240V capability even more. So, I was pleased to see that Electric Motor Werks also offers something called the JuiceCord Pro 20 . . .



At around $450, plus another $70 for a set of pigtail adapters, you get 120V/240V flexibility as well as the smartphone programability found on the JuicePlug. With this, I can retire the stock 120V Yazaki EVSE to backup status. I anticipate that the money will be there to order one of these in September.
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Re: JuicePlug and JuiceBox

Sat Nov 26, 2016 3:14 pm

Before I even bought my i-MiEV I had purchased and installed a L2 32A SPX Power Xpress EVSE (it also works on 120vac and has adjustable current settings). It has served me well for five years, but unfortunately there was some sort of problem that prevented it from working with the Tesla and Bosch (who now owns SPX) has ignored my requests. I'm parting with this SPX EVSE as it's going away with my first i-MiEV (separate story).

Inasmuch as I wanted a still-higher-power J1772 charging capability to be used for both the Tesla and the i-MiEV, I recently bought an eMotorWerks JuiceBox 40 Pro.

I wanted power monitoring and data-taking, as my TED household monitoring system was rendered useless by the Enphase microinverter communications when I installed additional solar panels a year ago. When I drove up to eMotorWerks for compatibility testing of their new CHAdeMO charger with the i-MiEV, I managed to obtain a factory-refurbished JuiceBox Pro for a nice price. I'm using it daily (on the existing 20A circuit which means 16A max into the Tesla and more than adequate for the i-MiEVs 13A), but need to rewire the garage and bring the conduit and wire over to a more-convenient NEMA 14-50 outlet (thanking my foresight forty years ago for putting in two 50A outlets for welders when I built the house).

So far, so good with the Wi-Fi-connected JuiceBox as it's working well with both the i-MiEV and the Tesla S. The J1772 cable that came with it is massive and I can't help but wonder if they don't also use this cable with their 75A EVSE. The next time I fully charge one of the cars I'll try to take a screenshot of the graphic showing the downward slope towards the end of charge. Otherwise, all it shows is a simple on/off calibrated graph and a table showingi the power amount and duration and kWhrs and how many $ I'm saving by NOT using fossil fuels (I get to set both the mpg and fuel price).

Next, need to install the 100A circuit for the Tesla HPWC...
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Re: JuicePlug and JuiceBox

Wed Aug 02, 2017 1:07 pm

Does anyone have a Juiceplug? I'm curious how it works out in public, given the lack of a cellular connection (and even a latch on the car side). Does it simply create a WiFi hotspot that your phone connects to?
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