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Re: Portable CHAdeMO

Wed Jun 07, 2017 7:33 am

rnlcarlov, thank you very much for the updates. In North America the maximum current available at outlets is 50A at 240vac split phase, as three-phase power is generally not publicly-available. For this reason, the 10kW CHAdeMO charger would suffice for us. If I were making a cross-country i-MiEV trip I'd definitely have one of these in my car.

Hmm, need to stop by some local welding and machine shops and see what they use for three-phase connectors, although I suspect this type of equipment is hard-wired.

Incidentally, to view any website in your native language, simply copy and paste the URL into Google Translate -
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Re: Portable CHAdeMO

Thu Jun 08, 2017 5:04 am

I did use Google translate. That's how I found about their group buy. But while the translation may be enough to get a general idea of what's being talked about, the text becomes quite awkward when translating some languages. German-English was so-so on more simple things, but not really enough for an in-depth reading. Let's not even get started on German-Portuguese. That's what I call one ungodly mess :lol:

In any case, my dabbling in German foruns did let me know that there's an importer of SETEC chargers in Europe (more specifically, Slovakia).
2-Years warranty and quite reasonable prices. EVSEadapters would be a no-go for european customers, due to customs and all, but this is quite interesting. Importing directly from China wouldn't be that much cheaper and it's always a bigger risk.

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