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Re: CHAdeMO Questions

Posted: Sat Oct 29, 2016 7:35 am
by kiev
This is a good example of the problems with feature bloat and frequent useless software 'updates' that out-date previous hardware or are with previous versions e.g. microsloft and apple

It sounds to me that they have added another safety test in the EVSE, in addition to checking for ground faults and isolation, to check the resistance of the main contactors on the vehicle. If Mitsubishi didn't update their software to recognize this contactor test protocol, then it won't respond as expected by the Chademo station, and the station won't send the charge.

e.g. Apple won't let some apps run thru my wireless home router because it has upgraded their ios to only accept a newer wi-fi version that uses WPA2 security. WPA has been working fine, never a security threat. This might be useful for a big company but not for home use--there is no threat at home of someone stealing wi-fi when you use a passkey and MAC address filtering.

Re: CHAdeMO Questions

Posted: Sat Oct 29, 2016 6:45 pm
by jray3
Interesting issue, hope it ain't so. I'm a heavy CHAdeMO user, and have never had a charging fault ascribed to the car. Just today an EVGO DCFC went offline after a successful handshake due to "over current fault", costing me an extra 30 minute delay (as I had already gone inside for breakfast). Turns out this had been happening for at least 24 hrs (to LEAFS) without EVGO taking the station offline to await repair.
The other EVGO DCFC on that site worked fine.

Re: CHAdeMO Questions

Posted: Thu May 18, 2017 4:37 pm
by JoeS
I recently noticed that EVRUS is a relatively new player around here with CHAdeMO charging stations by hotels on major routes, so I applied for a charging card with them.

Guess what: my card application was rejected and they refunded my PayPal $25!

Reason: "Because the i-MiEV was discontinued, its software has not been upgraded to be compatible with our EV Express charging stations."

I called them asking for a more detailed explanation, and they promised to have someone from their tech department call me. Evidently they had an i-MiEV user who was unable to use their stations and asked for his money back. They couldn't tell me what vintage that i-MiEV was. Perhaps this is a problem with 2016 i-MiEVs... or perhaps with all BUT the 2016? "Contact test" problem described here?:

Anyone with a 2016 i-MiEV having trouble using CHAdeMO?

Will post when I hear back,

Re: CHAdeMO Questions

Posted: Thu May 18, 2017 4:48 pm
by wmcbrine
Goofy. I haven't had a problem with my 2012, with at least four different models of CHAdeMO chargers .

Edit: Ooh, I found this statement on the EVrus web site:

"The EV Express 25 kW is equipped with a CHADeMo connector, which is common for Nissan Leaf, Kia EV Soul, Mitsubishi i-MiEV, Toyota RAV4 EV and also compatible with Tesla Model S (with a CHADeMo adapter)"

Re: CHAdeMO Questions

Posted: Wed May 31, 2017 7:29 pm
by MattT
Has anybody had a CHAdeMO charge affect their overall range?

I used a public level 3 'rapid' CHAdeMO charger yesterday for the first time with my 2010 I-MiEV. The network provider reckons it'll take an I-MiEV from empty to 80% charge in 15 minutes (see How long will it take to charge my car?).

When I plugged it in it said 25% charge so I figured I'd be there 10 minutes tops. However, it took 25 minutes to get me to 57% charge. I'm hoping this delay might be because I told it to do a 100% charge rather than an 80% charge (and will confirm this at another charger on the weekend).

I charged it to full overnight at home and when I turned it on this morning it was reporting 93km range, up from 80km. I thought this might be a glitch and the predicterometer would quickly drop, but it held steady, showing 80km after an 18km trip.

Re: CHAdeMO Questions

Posted: Wed May 31, 2017 11:03 pm
by jray3
That is a very unusual fast charging session. On a 50 kW station my slowest ever time was 23 minutes from very low state of charge to 80% and that was in hot weather with the air conditioner compressor running nearly nonstop. There are some lower power CHAdeMO units around here, for instance today it took me 22 minutes to get from approx 30% to 75% on a 25KW station.
Did you hear your air conditioner cycle up and down during the fast charge?

Re: CHAdeMO Questions

Posted: Thu Jun 01, 2017 5:38 am
by sandange
Just Curious , what was the ambient temperature at the time of charge
and what driving speed/style did you do just prior to connecting the fast charger?

Re: CHAdeMO Questions

Posted: Thu Jun 01, 2017 7:28 pm
by MattT
It was about 12oC / 54oF - middle of the day. I generally keep the car in B mode. It had been parked for 4 hours, after which I drove about 6km / 4 miles to the charger, mostly at 60-70kmh / 40-45mph over level ground in light traffic. I'm a pretty conservative driver so tend to go easy on the accelerator and I let regen braking do most of my slowing down.

The air con whirred when I first plugged the connector in but was pretty much silent after that, same as when I plug in at home.

When I started the car up again it had suddenly lost the extra 13-odd km of range - that is, it was showing 80km when I turned it off, then dropped to 67km when I turned it on again about two hours later. This morning it was showing 97km after an overnight charge.

I get that the range estimator uses a wobbly algorithm and what really matters is actual range. I guess I'm just wondering why (a) why that algorithm is suddenly giving very different results when I haven't changed my driving style and (b) why the charge took so long. I should be able to answer the second question this weekend when I drain the car and then try a different CHAdeMO charger closer to home.

At the moment the car has more than enough range to get me to work and home again (about a 35km round trip, though this leaves me with half my bars and a predicted range of another 50km). However, once a week I may need to do a trip closer to 72km - home, first office, second office, first office office, home). That's a little too close to the predicted range for comfort, but there's a CHAdeMO charger close to the second office. If I can hit that for a 15 minute charge in the middle of the day it'll be fine, but if it's going to take half an hour for an extra 35% then that's not really going to work out, and I'll be back to using the ICE car for that day.

EDIT: this probably needs a chronology:

- car gets charged overnight, usually shows low-80km range in the morning, I do a 35km round trip, I have half my bars left and a remaining range of 40-50km

- used CHAdeMO charger for the first time after driving to work; took 25 mins to go from 25% to 57%; shrugged, drove back to the office then home

- started up the next day - 93km range instead of low 80s. Still showing 80km after an 18km trip (had to go by school on the way to work). Made my first post above.

- got back in the car that afternoon expecting it to still show 80km - nope, 67km despite not having gone anywhere. Charged up overnight as usual.

- this morning - estimated range 97km.

Re: CHAdeMO Questions

Posted: Thu Jun 01, 2017 8:37 pm
by JoeS
MattT, thanks for your numbers.

Your RR vs. Fuel Gauge intermediate numbers are reasonable, as I consider 50km at the halfway point to be ok.

Fully fully charged RR = 100km is about par, as we're not dealing with a new car nor hypermiling. Do you have many hills that you traverse?

Can't explain why the RR changes while the car is just sitting there. I'll start paying attention to mine to see if it also does that.

My take on your CHAdeMO is that it is a wimpy one - perhaps only about 25kW?

You might consider getting CaniOn and EVBatMon apps and a good OBDII interface and see what they show as far as the state of health of your traction pack.

Re: CHAdeMO Questions

Posted: Fri Jun 02, 2017 11:52 pm
by MattT
Thanks JoeS. I don't think I'm actually getting 50km out of that second half of the charge - the first half is gone in 35-40km and I suspect the second would be too. I'm ok with that given most of my driving is 80-100km/h with little stopping or slowing down. It should get better in warmer weather too.

Went to another CHAdeMO charger today. According to the sign on the back, it's putting out 50kW.

I plugged in with three bars remaining, 14km predicted range, and the charger reported a 23% charge. Charge results were:

2 mins - 28% - 0.5 kWh
8 mins - 37% - 1.8 kWh - 4 bars
10 mins - 40% - 2.2 kWh - 5 bars
12 mins - 42% - 2.6 kWh - 6 bars
14 mins - 44% - 2.8 kWh - 6 bars
15 mins - 45% - 2.9kWh - 7 bars - predicated range 39km

Again, not what I was expecting, and not what the network provider reckons the charger can do.

After 5.5km of 80km/h driving I was back to 5 bars, predicted range 27km. Another 3km of driving I was still at 5 bars, 24km predicted range.

I've got an ODB II thingy coming soon for evBatMon - tracking reckons it arrived in Aus 10 days ago, no idea what's happened to it. Will be interesting to see what it says.