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Re: Garage EVSE Location

Posted: Mon Sep 21, 2015 2:43 am
by misterbleepy
JoeS wrote:I'm still struggling with my second i-MiEV EVSE location, as the port ends up being in the middle of the garage, irrespective of which way I park, and the problem exists whether I have an i-MiEV, Leaf, Volt, Tesla, Sparrow, i3, or whatever. Dangling a self-retracting charging cord (using bungies and pulleys, avoiding a coil) from overhead seems to me to offer the 'cleanest' solution ... I'm working on it, but first need to move all the junk hanging up there (kayaks, bicycles, sails, etc.) :roll: and run some conduit.

How about an evse mounted underfloor with a strong hatch covering it?

Re: Garage EVSE Location

Posted: Mon Dec 26, 2016 11:47 pm
by JoeS
misterbleepy wrote:How about an evse mounted underfloor with a strong hatch covering it?
My garage floor is a concrete slab. Besides, you'd have to get down on your hands and knees, lift the hatch, and then pull out the cable.

To revive this old topic and reiterate: my EVSE is soooo conveniently mounted with the three-foot cord length I normally use and the car parked heading in forward and very close to the right wall to maximize the passageway between cars. I never realized how spoiled rotten I've become for these past five years. Even with the very thick and heavy cord of my new eMotorWerks JuiceBox, this short cable length is quick and easy to plug into the i-MiEV port in seconds. This was brought home to me when I recently used the JuiceBox to charge the Tesla parked in the same location, where the power inlet is located on the left rear of the car. Unwinding and dragging ten feet of cable and then coiling it back up and hanging it up is a real pain in the rear!

Just sayin' - if you're doing a new installation, do spend some time to optimally locate the EVSE (or at least its cable) with respect to the car's charging port: seven seconds and no coiling and clean hands sure beats a half-minute of uncoiling and dragging that cable around!

Re: Garage EVSE Location

Posted: Tue Dec 27, 2016 6:18 am
by PV1
My main EVSE is hung on a couple of headless nails in between the two garage doors on the inside. The cord runs straight down and underneath the garage door, with the J1772 connector stored in an old electrical box (used to be an A/C cutoff breaker) on the outside. I either back up my driveway or turn around at the top and back in at an angle towards the pillar (both cars parked at an angle so either can be used without needing to move another car). This puts the charge port right near the box holding the connector, allowing for easy plugging. Plus, since the EVSE itself is inside, it is protected from the weather, and the car could also be easily charged if it is head-in parked inside.

The other EVSE for Koorz simply plugs into an outlet just inside the other garage door, with the cord looped through the handles on the garage door outside to hold the connector when not plugged in. That door rarely gets opened, and Koorz only gets charged once every week or two. Not very clean, but it works.

Both are the Mitsubishi cords (one EVSEUpgraded).