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Re: Is my battery dying ?

Posted: Wed Jul 03, 2019 1:33 am
by DBMandrake
As expected, some time after the battery calibration the BMS has made an upwards adjustment of about 1Ah from 32.7Ah to 33.6Ah.

So it seems that when you do the full battery capacity measurement in Diagbox it initially sets the "usable" reported Ah capacity to about 2Ah below the actual measurement of the worst cell in the pack, (33 vs 34.8) and then some time later it will adjust that so that the usable is about 1Ah below the actual capacity of the worst cell.

Here are my latest figures:



Beside the one off upwards correction it is still counting down 0.1Ah fairly regularly, I've seen it drop 0.4Ah in less than a month, which is a lot higher than expected. In short my weak cells seem to be failing rapidly so I've decided that I am going to attempt a cell swap of the four worst cells.