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terms of baterry warranty

Tue Jan 23, 2018 10:17 am

Dear sirs, has anione a pdf with the terms of battery warranty?
we would like to send a letter to the PSA group to increase the battery warranty at least equal to the mitsubitshi ones (10 years/100.000km)
and we would like to show the mitsubitshi terms of warranty. Here in spain, we are notice to change the battery pack of a mitsubitshi with a degradation of > 32%.

The other owners (citroen c-zero/peugeot ion) only has 5 years/50.000km and if the car is >2015 its increase to 8 years/100.000km.

Many thanks in advance.

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Re: terms of baterry warranty

Tue Jan 23, 2018 11:30 am

My 2012 UK IMIEV came with a 4 year traction battery warranty, and unless this has changed (which would be news to me as I enquired last April), then there is no 10 year traction battery warranty by Mitsubishi in Europe... or if it does exist, it's not all EU markets. It is North America that gets the 10 year warranty... unfortunately for me.
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