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Re: EVBatMon Readings

Wed Apr 12, 2017 11:04 am

With Mitsubishi's technique of concealing capacity loss as simply the reduction in turtle range, I tend not to get too excited about capacity readings. At this point in time, I still can't detect a decrease in my effective range amongst both my two i-MiEVs and the original i-MiEV I sold (which I still visit often with its new owner). Phximiev, in approaching Mitsubishi, what strategy do you intend to employ? I haven't recently heard of anyone doing Mitsu capacity testing using MUT3 - I personally wouldn't give my i-MiEV to a Mitsubishi service center to "test" unless I had a seriously-noticeable range loss.
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Re: EVBatMon Readings

Fri Apr 14, 2017 2:38 pm

The strategy is/was as follows:
1. I scheduled a battery test with Mark Mitsubishi after giving them both of the EvBatMon readings.
2. Today, they did the wrong test (the "cell smoothing" test instead of a "capacity" test), see this topic: viewtopic.php?f=23&t=2386 . Then the service manager said to call Mitsubishi service as they couldn't do what I requested. They did not charge me for the battery "cell smoothing" test. (Forum members perhaps should note this if they request a capacity test and the dealership does the cell smoothing test). After the cell smoothing test the RR on our car showed 66 miles.
3. I called the Mitsubishi service folks and have opened a case, the notion being that with 22% degradation, I have a warranty claim under the 10 year warranty and pages I-4, 5 of the manual as the battery is less than 2.5 years old.

As an aside, we were given an i-Miev loaner. It was a 2012 i-Miev (JA3215H17CU022346) with no quick charge, a battery that was 3 months younger than ours and 18k miles. After taking the battery to one bar and recharging, the RR showed 52 miles. EvBatMon shows (32% degradation):


I emailed this info to the service manager.

To be continued.
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