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Re: Cost to replace an i-miev battery?

Tue Apr 06, 2021 7:47 am

It's 2021 and my i-Miev had a "critical recall notice" from Mitsubishi headquarters regarding a brake servo issue so I just booked it in at the local Mitsubishi main dealer and told them to slap an MOT on it too.

Then, once I had a captive audience so to speak, I got them to quote me for a replacement battery pack for my £4,000 worth of car and here's what they said.

The cost breakdown is as follows:
Parts £12,433.19
Labour £554.40

Total £12,987.59"

:o Well... at least I got a reply this time. If that isn't a "we don't really want that job" quote I don't know what is.

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Re: Cost to replace an i-miev battery?

Tue Apr 06, 2021 1:57 pm

Enginerd, thank you for this. At today's rate of 1.38USD = 1GBP, that means £12,987.59 = US$17,922.87. :o :cry: :evil: :twisted:

If I'm ever close to a Mitsu dealership I might just stop in and ask the same question. Contrasting the head-start that Mitsubishi had over every other manufacturer in entering the BEV market and producing our little workhorse, I'm disappointed how they have dropped the ball in both supporting existing owners as well as not having follow-on products - the Outlander (five years too late entering the US market) is nice but it's a PHEV which doesn't count any more in my book.
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