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Driver Window Switches stopped working

Posted: Sun Jul 26, 2020 1:07 pm
by RonaldPoFo
Hi all,
I just finished power washing my car today and later was driving it home. While driving home I lowered the driver window and once parked was not able to get it back up. I then noticed I was unable to control any of the cars windows from the driver door. All other switches work and control their corresponding window. The Child Lock button DOES WORK and when pressed prevents the other windows from being operated.

I have begun my investigation doing the following:
-Tried the driver switch panel from another car (works in the other car) and the issue persisted.
-Tried my driver switch panel on another car and it works correctly.
-Tested the 40A fuse labeled windows and it is good (obviously, or the windows wouldn't work at all...)

I have plugged 12V directly to the driver window motor to raise it, so that motor seems to be good.

The previous tests lead me to believe the issue lies within the car, not the driver switches.

Any ideas on how to proceed will be largely appreciated! I am unsure what to check next.

Re: Driver Window Switches stopped working

Posted: Mon Jul 27, 2020 7:50 am
by JoeS
RonaldPoFo, welcome to the forum. I don't recall anyone having this issue.

My take is a poor connection in the path between the battery and the door controls. Perhaps some slight corrosion exacerbated by your washing the car?

In our Tech/Reference Article (Read Only) subforum we have a number of links to the i-MiEV workshop manuals, which show this path -

As with any unknown links from the Internet, ensure you've got you computer's firewall turned on and have an up-to-date operating system with the latest protections enabled.

Good luck, and do let us know the results of your continued investigations.

Re: Driver Window Switches stopped working

Posted: Mon Jul 27, 2020 1:51 pm
by RonaldPoFo
Thanks Joe for your guidance.

I was going through the workshop manual, just as you suggest, and came to the conclusion there was some sort of issue with the 12V line going to the driver side switches. There this means there is some issue with Joint connector B0-3 situated under the dash since that is where the 12V line for all the power windows splits into a line for each of the doors.

So I gathered up my laptop and my tools and by the time I got to work this afternoon it was working again! Looks like sitting in the sun all day did the trick...

Still quite suspicious since that connector is on the interior, not exterior, of the car...

Anyhow it's working perfectly now so I'll let it be. I'll keep you posted on any further details.

Re: Driver Window Switches stopped working

Posted: Mon Jul 27, 2020 2:39 pm
by JoeS
Thanks for the update. don't you just hate it when things return back to normal like that. :? Ah, well, less work for now. Take care and stay safe.

PS Might consider letting us know whereabouts in the world you're located -