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Re: How come D mode consumes more energy on a given load?

Tue Apr 19, 2016 4:12 pm

All we have amongst the three settings is simple gain changes when either applying power or regeneration. I have no documentation to back this up. Since you have CaniOn, as you pointed out, a time-consuming test would validate (or invalidate) this. After all these miles in the i-MiEV I have no suspicions that what I said isn't true.

Why would Mitsubishi build a DC-to-AC motor controller to react differently, especially when the car is always subject to being compliance-tested for power consumption accuracy ? That's another topic, as I don't think that Mitsubishi exploited the rules to their benefit as much as some of the other manufacturers did...
bobakka wrote:...I was surprised when somebody at the local myimiev forum claimed that B was better than D.
Sorry, but would like some hard data to back up such an assertion before going off on a wild goose chase.
bobakka wrote:I have tried it myself and as I said "it is my impression that B consumes less energy than D for a given trip".
Don't forget, we tend to use the 'real' brakes less when driving in B, and that alone could account for a difference. On any given trip there are simply too many uncontrolled variables, any one of which would distort the results - even an extra stop at a traffic light on an otherwise identical trip would produce a different result.

Hypermiling skills can dramatically alter the energy consumption on any given trip - that's the beauty of the i-MiEV: having these various settings we can play games and extend the range to whatever we need at the moment.
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