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Re: iMiEV CdA?

Fri Jun 27, 2014 10:17 am

NeilBlanchard wrote:24.052 sq ft of frontal area X 0.35 = CdA = 8.4182 sq ft.


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Re: iMiEV CdA?

Thu Feb 23, 2017 2:36 pm

oahumiev wrote:
JoeS wrote:oahumiev, now that you've had these for almost a half-year, I was wondering what your opinion of the AirTabs is now?

I'm the weekend Miev driver while my wife is the daily commuter, she had driven the car for a few months before putting the AirTabs on and she noticed a big difference in the handling, prior to the AirTabs she complained the Miev would be "nudged" during windy days at freeway speeds which would freak her out. Since putting the Airtabs, haven't heard that complaint once so yes, the Airtabs have helped with stability during windy days at high speeds. As for any FE gains, it takes us 12 bars to get to Honolulu and back home which is the same prior to installation. I've got to imagine that if one drives at higher speeds more frequently than lower speeds, these Airtabs might make a larger impact, we're relegated to 55mph speed limits here, no complaints however as the Miev is perfectly happy not having to get up to 75mph as they do on mainland interstates.

I'm a little late to this discussion, but interested in trying these, at least for the stability benefit. Another possible benefit I'm curious about is whether Airtabs can reduce the annoying low frequency rumble one gets with open rear windows. This is especially bad even at 30 mph. I assume it indicates some kind of turbulence, and I wonder if the Airtabs abrogate this noise.

Also, I wonder why you installed these just in front of the hatchback. Are they too large to fit on the top of the hatchback itself?

Thanks all.
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Re: iMiEV CdA?

Sat Feb 25, 2017 4:23 am

I doubt the Airtabs would help with that, but the window vents certainly help. Bear has them and doesn't have the issue at all, but Koorz lacks them and can sometimes suffer from the buffer.

Although, the i-MiEV doesn't have that problem anywhere near as bad as on the C-Max. Even just cracking open a front window will cause it.

I might have to invest in tabs. With our climate changing, winter keeps getting warmer and windier (it was 78 degrees yesterday and is 60 right now. Absolute madness considering the average of 20). I keep thinking my wheels are loose when it turns out to just be the wind :x . Regardless of that, I'd just be happy if they keep the back window clean.
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