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Idaho National Labs EV testing

Wed Jan 28, 2015 5:25 pm


INL did detailed testing of most of the OEM offerings, including two separate i-MiEVs. Interesting conclusions. The pack is capable of over 200 kW discharge pulses fresh off of charge, and over 150 kW all the way down to 40% SOC, with about 100 kW down at 80% discharge.
The LEAF pack, however has much more ampacity. It can make over 300 kW when full, and still turn out over 100 kW at the end of test...

It looks like 24 kWh of LEV50 cells would hang right in there with a LEAF pack. but the LEAF power density and energy density are both higher. 99 W/h per kg for iMiEV, 140 Wh/kg for LEAF.
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Re: Idaho National Labs EV testing

Thu Jan 29, 2015 7:42 pm

jray3, thank you for posting this. A lot of very interesting information on this website. Have to believe that a national lab is very judicious in their datataking, even if I look askance at their 0-60 time of 14.9 seconds (was the battery fully charged when they ran this test?) or that they actually got it up to 83.3mph (mine limits at 81mph per my GPS), or that they installed a cruise control to maintain their constant speed. I guess I need to read the footnotes to understand the discrepancy between their constant-speed range and their adjusted dyno results, or to understand what they mean by "break-in mileage" of between 4000miles and 6000miles (am I missing something here?), or… lots of fodder for discussion here.

Wonder if we could link directly to their tables to have the tables themselves show up on this thread?
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