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The second EV rental in Estonia launched today

Thu Jul 11, 2013 5:36 am

Today the second electric car rental started in Tallinn and Tartu. Estonian Government subsidised Electric Mobility program (ELMO) is offering now Nissan Leafs and Mitsubishi iMievs for short time rent. The first EV car rental, Minirent, was launched more than year ago, but this company operates only Toyota Priuses and Nissan Leafs.
ELMO rental has lower prices, but high penalties.

For more information (sorry, this information is only in Estonian at the moment, use Google translator, if you are interested) visit http://elmo.ee/rent/

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Re: The second EV rental in Estonia launched today

Wed Sep 25, 2013 7:52 pm

Estonian media promotes electric rental cars as el cheapo travelling for students: http://www.postimees.ee/2081150/tudengeile-elektrirattad-alla. Only :D 75 € for short weekend home visit (ca 360 km)!

Some pricing information about the rental:
1. The first hour of the rental session: 6 €
2. Every next hour of the session: 3 €
3. Maximum charge per 24 h: 30 €
4. After 24 h the first hour is again 6 € etc.

Surcharges/fines per case:
Lost charging card (RFID for ELMO fast charger network): 20 €
The vehicle was used for servicing or mediation of the third party or the vehicle was granted for use to the third party: 500 €
Lost charging cable: 400 €
Vehicle interior left uncleaned (garbage, food residues etc): 30 €
Smoking in the vehicle (interior smells tobacco or smoke registered by smoke detector): 300 €
Need for towing of the vehicle with a discharged battery to the fast charging station: 50 € + 6 € per km
Traffic and parking fines: Fine + 100 € for handling
Fine for not declaring an accident, that happened: 500 €
Traffic accident (in case not fully compensated by insurance): Liability up to 500 € + 50 € for handling per traffic accident
Theft of the vehicle: 10% of the value of the vehicle
Compulsory traffic insurance factor increases due to the client (traffic accident caused by the client): 150 €
Rental car was left away from the rental points or fast chargers, but was still within the borders of the same city: 7 €
Rental car was left away from the city, where it was rented: 50 € + 6 € per km
Broken tyre (new tyre will be bought if the old tyre is not repairable): Up to 150 € for repair per tyre or cost of the new tyre

Description of the service: http://elmo.ee/public/Lyhirent_tehnilised_tingimused_eng.pdf
Terms and conditions: http://elmo.ee/public/Lyhirendi_kasutusleping_eng.pdf
Price list: http://elmo.ee/public/Lyhirendi_hinnad_eng.pdf

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