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Hi Guys! Here's the latest on my i-MiEV (dash mod, plate, etc.)

Hello, everyone!

I wanted to give a quick update on the latest with my i-MiEV. I finally put in that deluxe Tesla-like screen in my dash, and I finally received my custom license plate and a couple of small vinyl graphics! Here are some links to photos and one video of the dash unit in action LOL....

First, for those of you who are considering doing this (or may already have), I found this step-by-step guide to the dash install a MUST-have, and I want to give him proper credit for the wonderful guide. It was awesome. I converted it into an easy-to-print PDF file here:

Dash Installation PDF: ... sp=sharing

Here is the video of the new unit "in-action" LOL.....

In-Action Video:

New License Plate:

Left Rear Vinyl Graphic:

Right Rear Vinyl Graphic:

That's all for now! The upholstery is next, but may just opt for custom seat covers.... in the meantime, I hope all of you are safe and well, and I send my very best wishes out to everyone! Stay safe, and thanks for all your support!

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Re: Hi Guys! Here's the latest on my i-MiEV (dash mod, plate, etc.)

Way cool replacement for the stock radio! . . . . but I do agree with some of your comments

When we bought our first iMiEV in May of 2012, the dealer had 4 cars. Two were SE's and the other two were the SE Premium with the uprated sound/Nav system . . . . and DCQC fast charging. The difference in price was almost $4K

Since we had zero places where you could fast charge an EV in our town back then (8 years later, we still don't have any) and since I didn't think I could get lost driving a car with a 65 mile range, it didn't make a lick of sense to pay the extra $4K for the Premium sound system with Nav and the DCQC. The dealer sold the two cheaper SE's the first month he had them - A year later, he never did sell the two Premium cars and like hundreds of others, they eventually were leased for 1 year and then sold at auction for a small fraction of the original sticker price - I've since bought two of them. One in 2014 with 3,900 miles on it for $8,700 and another one earlier this year with 27,000 miles on it for $5K

The Premium cars have a few nice features we like, including Bluetooth, the big display and steering wheel controls and of course they also have DCQC, which we have never used, but we would never have opted to pay the full price for those features on a new car, because just as you pointed out, we're never in the car for more than 15 or 20 minutes, tops

Our original, cheaper SE did come with the $75 optional USB port though and from day one, we have used that for our music. Over the years, our USB stick has grown to about 750 of our favorite songs and we've made copies so we can do the same in all our other cars. The Volt came from the factory with the USB reader, but we had to change the stereo in the Ford Van and the Sprinter motor home just so we could use our USB sticks to play music in them . . . . and it all started because of our original iMiEV. The Kenwood Media Player we put in the motor home was only $80 new, so no big deal . . . . and we did put a Pioneer Nav receiver in the van because we do use it primarily for long distance trips

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Re: Hi Guys! Here's the latest on my i-MiEV (dash mod, plate, etc.)

mcampellone, wow - that's a very attractive installation! Thank you for all the details and the video.

Love your vinyl plug graphics above the charging port flaps! Do you have a file of that image you could post?

Since it's Android, you could install CaniOn or one of the other i-MiEV apps, attach a genuine bluetooth OBDLink LX or MX, and have a great display of all the car's parameters. Note that CaniOn lets you do a lot of customization of the various displays. Hey, you can compete with yourself to see your daily drive's efficiency numbers!

I moved your post into the Modifications and Accessories subforum, as that's where most people first look.

For those who couldn't get his video to play, just click on the underlined text and it plays, despite the "Video Unavailable" message.

I'll be curious to watch you start venturing further afield as you get comfortable with the car's range.

Take care, and stay safe.
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Re: Hi Guys! Here's the latest on my i-MiEV (dash mod, plate, etc.)

Nice upgrade! I'm very tempted to do something similar but, like you I'm only a few minutes from home.

I might show this to my son who has our other I-miev. :mrgreen:
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